The GOP way

By: Diane Benjamin

Not only did Jason Barickman win his election last November and then quit, so did Keith Sommers.

Sommers isn’t sticking around long enough to finish his term. GOP Chairs from McLean and Tazwell County are picking his replacement. They met on December 22nd to review applications.

GOP chairs from all of these counties will be voting on Barickman’s replacement: Bureau, Ford, Grundy, LaSalle, Iroquois, Livingston, Marshall, McLean, Peoria, Putnam, Tazewell, Will and Woodford.

Both appointments will serve for two years.

Since the Republicans are in the extreme minority the appointments are immaterial, just like GOP in Springfield.

Maybe all future candidates should be asked if they plan to quit BEFORE you vote for them. One would think GOP leadership of the State party would resign after the disastrous November election. Nope, Don Tracy is still in charge and wanting money. Just say no.



7 thoughts on “The GOP way

  1. While your point is very well taken, the Sommer situation is different. Keith did not seek re-election, and it is expected that his replacement will be appointed to get a head start on seniority for committees etc…

    Unless there is some sort of family or personal deal of which we aren’t aware, Barickman should be ashamed.

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      1. I also do think that Barickman owes a more detailed explanation than what he’s given. Wanting more family time is indeed noble, but he could have decided that in time for the primary. If that’s his true reason, he deserves to be criticized. If it’s a health issue, he doesn’t have to give the details, but he could say, “I need to address a health concern.”

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    1. I’ll go with RINOs, they will want to make sure the “right sort” of person is appointed, no rabble rousers or anyone who might upset the apple cart a bit would be considered.

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  2. Applications for replacements? Hmmm. Wonder what the criteria is? I may just have to stick my hat into the fray, try get some real Constitutional Conservative ideology representing part of Illinois, at least a chance.

    I mean heck. What’s the worst that can happen, denial, ignore, scorn?

    But your right, why vote for candidates that intend to quit? Part of “running” for office is the intent to follow through with the obligation to the People. First, disrespecting the People by quitting. Second, was it a fraudulent behavior by possibly intending to hand the choice of the election to another body, instead of the people who elected them? False intent.? Or just a coincidence? Seems strange to have so many coincidences.

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