District 87 picks Tri-Valley’s Superintendent

By: Diane Benjamin

See the announcement here: https://www.district87.org/site/default.aspx?PageType=3&DomainID=4&ModuleInstanceID=48&ViewID=6446EE88-D30C-497E-9316-3F8874B3E108&RenderLoc=0&FlexDataID=15650&PageID=1

I purposely stayed out of the discussion because I know there are people at Tri-Valley that wanted David Mouser to get the job. He’s perfect for them since he is a master at keeping bad news a secret.

Since the test scores of students are much higher at Tri-Valley, maybe Mouser can do something to bring them up in District 87. He needs to start with replacing the history curriculum used in the high schools.

This is the FOIA I received from District 87 for high school “social studies”:

That document contains way more “woke” than history.

This is the FOIA I received from Tri Valley:

There is a STARK difference between the two!

I have one reason for wanting Mouser gone. A few years ago the Middle School got paid off. Instead of decreasing the property tax rate, Tri-Valley went on a spending spree – some needed and some to spend the entire windfall. Classrooms at the high school needed work, they had been separated by temporary walls for quite awhile. 70 some percent of voters approved the building plans, I guess Tri-Valley parents don’t mind paying for lavish like an added wing to the high school complete with an auditorium.

The District has 1043 students across 3 schools.

District 87 has over 5000 students across 9 schools and the Bloomington Career Center.

If students at Tri-Valley were brawling in the hallways, it didn’t make the news. I think Dr. Mouser will have a much more difficult job at District 87.

Anybody notice big hires of late already live in Illinois? (Gleason, Tyus, Simington, Mouser, others?)

6 thoughts on “District 87 picks Tri-Valley’s Superintendent

  1. As the old saying goes: “What goes around, comes back around.”  His past will catch up with him! Ron 

  2. I do so hate to sound negative. One should really celebrate opportunity for positive change, right? So, another stacked pension that mere teachers could never be allowed to “harness”…. and, maybe a chance to make things better at Tri-V. I wonder if Tri-V will use this ‘gift” as an opportunity to reign in spending/taxes and shore up their teaching culture which has been so badly neglected. I presume Mousers family will relocate to their new district. Or, maybe a new “exception” will emerge.

  3. I live in Tri-Valley district and I was interested in reducing our taxes (so I voted against the spending)
    I was also an election judge when the Tri Valley spending was on the ballot. As an election judge, I personally saw A LOT of the students show up to vote – far more students than typically show up to vote. The students enthusiastically discussed their vote with their peers. Most of the students said they were only voting FOR that one item and nothing else. (Meanwhile they all leave the nest and head off to college…leaving the rest of us to pay for the capital projects at the school. UGH!)

    1. Thats a really curious thing to me. Young people typically don’t rally to vote like this. I’m happy when they get involved is discussing the issues of course, but I’m so surprised that something like this would get a young “herd” running toward higher taxes, and nothing else. I have never known of a single young person (to me that’s under 30) who is in favor of more persistently expensive anything, especially school taxes.

  4. In our years at the McLean County Clerk’s office in working with David Mouser, we found him to be one of the most professional and dedicated people we have worked with. Congratulations to David on his new challenge. He will be up to it. He’s a good person. Dedicated and respectful of others. Kathy Michael, McLean County Clerk

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