Tax rate Monday: Bloomington

By: Diane Benjamin

Three more Performance Fees at the BCPA are on Bills and Payroll tonight:

On 11/12/21 there was only 1 show: The Brubeck Brothers Quartet

The 11/17/21 was Shake & Holla

Only two items are on the Regular Agenda:

FY2021 ended 4/30/2021. Seven months later the Financial Statements are released. I wonder if somebody will explain why the City had $71,594,898 in cash at the end of the year.

Property taxes will be going up because of the library and increasing property values.

Start with the City. Keep in mind the property tax bills are based on last years values. The EAV reflects the value of all taxable properties. The City tells the Assessor how much money they want, this year it is slightly higher than last year – $20,920,384. Since the EAV is higher, the tax rate shows lower. Your property taxes will be higher if the value of your property is higher.

The library will make your property taxes higher:

The library collects taxes from more than just the City of Bloomington. People outside of Bloomington are also taxes by them – Golden Prairie Library.

From the Bloomington Library website:

The Golden Prairie Public Library District serves most residents of Arrowsmith, Bloomington, Dale, Dawson, and Old Town Townships and contracts with the Bloomington Public Library for services. The Golden prairie Public Library District Board of Trustees meets monthly.

Agendas and Minutes are on the Golden Prairie website, but not enough information is available to tell what they are doing:


What did they approve as a Tax Levy? That would take a FOIA.








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