Tri-Valley Transparency Victory!

By: Diane Benjamin

The Board packet for Wednesday is actually posted!—minutes/2022-2023-agenda-%26-notices/402369

It’s only 66 pages long, every word doesn’t have to be read to see what is actually happening in the district.

I’m happy to see my son’s favorite teacher is still teaching: Jeff Benter. He let his students blow things up.

I don’t know when chess club ended, it was HUGE when my kids attended. The Elementary team even got second place at State one year. The district might be re-starting chess. I helped coach, actually I was more of a cheerleader for them. My son could beat me in kindergarten. (Do I sound like Kathleen Lorenz here talking her kids?) Chess is good for kids!

To see why parents need to attend these meetings, compare the retreat minutes in the packet with what I wrote after attending:

The minutes say very little!

Thanks Tri-Valley for being transparent!

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