Bloomington Incompetence!

By: Diane Benjamin

Bloomington failed at Live Streaming the meeting last night. There was no audio! The incompetence shown by City staff should make you wonder what else they are incompetent at doing.

Below is this year’s budget for Information Technology. Almost $6 million and they can’t get a Live Stream to work in a room that regularly broadcasts Live Streams for County meetings:

Both De Urban and Tom Crumpler changed their minds on hiring a federal lobbyist. Gleason is jealous of the grants Connect Transit and the Town of Normal receive. He wants his piece, even if the Feds are merely printing the money. He must love inflation. Of course inflation brings in more tax money when all you plebes have to pay more for everything.

Congrats on yet another ridiculously high budget. The City has to spend the huge pot of money they are sitting on and they will still be sitting on excess funds anyway. They plan to hire even more employees.

Two citizens spoke at Public Comment against the re-vote. Just hit play to hear them:

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