More proof the April Election is partisan!

By: Diane Benjamin

This is explains why the FBI investigates parents who speak at School Board meetings and those who don’t want their kids sexualized at the Public Library. You are an extremist for expecting schools to actually educate your kids. They aren’t, the are indoctrinating them in left wind progressive ideology. Democrats have declared parents a HATE GROUP.

Quite pretending Democrats aren’t funding this nonsense. Vote No Again on the Unit 5 referendum. The money isn’t for education when they are sitting on more than $80 million and spending too much time on Diversity Equity and Inclusion instead of teaching kids reading, writing, and math. They are hurting your kids!

17 thoughts on “More proof the April Election is partisan!

  1. So typical of the leftist progressive marxist democrats. They like to name call instead of debate. Comprehensive Sex Education, Diversity Equity Inclusion, Social Emotional Learning, etc. are all hurting our children. They’re objective is to destroy Childhood Innocence and destabilize children. They know this, which is the reason they’re hiring mental health employees. They create the problem, then attempt to solve the problem they created. Children are not mentally prepared for the garbage being thrown at them in school. Proficiency in reading, writing, math, & spelling is no longer the primary goal of public school. Indoctrination, brainwashing, and advancing an agenda are more important. Homeschool or send your kids to private school to shield them from this onslaught.

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  2. Our local elections are especially partisan. Four of the candidates for school board (Jada, Wurth, Emery, and Frank) are officially running as Republicans. Seems kind of innappropriate for a nonpartisan election, don’t you think?

    It’s on their paperwork that they filed when they created their Political Action Committee: Illinois Students First. They put that they are affiliated with the Republican Party.

    I look forward to watching you shrug this off or ignore it, when we all know that if candidates left of center in nonpartisan elections had done the same, you’d have made it the focus of one of your articles and decried the partisanship of local elections. So predictable!

    Looking forward to the day you show consistency in your positions!


      1. So that’s a no on consistency of principles?
        It’s conflict of interest for the teacher’s union to endorse, but not the police union to pour money into nonpartisan elections.
        It’s a big deal if local elections aren’t non partisan, but not if they’re republicans.


      1. Did any of those commenters say anything personally attacking you? I disagree with them, but they didn’t seem to be crossing any lines……
        It’s a bad look to just start banning people because we disagree with them. We’re the group of free speech……..don’t be like the twitter of old or facebook of now……let them say what they say and show the world how stupid they are……thats how we win this war…….let them expose themselves for who they are.

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  3. The Republican Party are the only ones staying out of non-partisan elections. Their self-righteousness is why McLean County, Bloomington, and Normal are now run by Democrats:

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  4. Here’s the way democrats look at education today.

    “Give me just one generation of youth, and I’ll transform the whole world.” —Lenin

    “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.” —Lenin

    “The education of all children, from the moment that they can get along without a mother’s care, shall be in state institutions.” Karl Marx

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  5. Government unions, whether police or teachers or whoever else, certainly have the right to endorse any candidate(s) they want. They should Not be actively supporting any candidates, as that creates a conflict of interest and it violates the rights of their membership.
    ‘Non-partisan’ elections seldom are, and probably have seldom ever been. Unit 5 is just the most blatant. And sometimes the partisanship is muddied – as best I can tell Normal has a LIRP, 2 R-leaning indies, 2 RINOs, and a Dem on the ballot, but the two clear ‘parties’ involved are “We the People” and “We the Government”.


  6. Hilarious. That Illinois DEM County Chairs flyer is hilarious. Not only is it totally stating what the Democrats are doing, but when is anyone trying to sneak in a candidate on the right? Usually, it’s a trial to get a fair chance to be on the ballot and a fair election for the right.

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