HUGE News and I mean HUGE

By: Diane Benjamin

The three candidates running for offices that Normal claims they don’t have to elect have an attorney:

Tom Devore

The challenges to petitions will not be heard tomorrow, those will be delayed until Devore has a chance to file a written response.

Tomorrow will only be getting the formalities out of the way.

11 thoughts on “HUGE News and I mean HUGE

  1. This just gets more entertaining by the moment. Talk about handing the screws to Koos and the Queen. To quote Kathy, “This is really bad.” “This is really, really bad.”

    Yea, for you and your tribe.

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  2. So, help me understand. I get who Devore is representing, but who is Kasper and Nottage representing? The town of Normal? If so, then what’s Todd Greenburg’s role in this? Does he represent Dullard and Fritzen?

    Whose paying the bill for Kasper and Nottage? I doubt Koos has a go fund me page. Is this bill part of Pam’s discretionary spending?

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  3. Doing what a legitimate Attorney General should be doing.
    Sadly, too many voters in hellinoiz continue to prove their insanity (according to Mr. Einstein’s definition).

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  4. I suspect….YOU….Diane Benjamin deserve a big shout out for keeping the heat on high.
    Please drive safely and watch out for strangers on your way home……just sayin. βœŠπŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜

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      1. Outstanding Achievement!!! For Keeping all of this straight and informing the masses.

        We need to think 5d chess though. If the town gets incorporated? If it gets village? If it gets a special designation β€œTown”? Etc.


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