Normal: Spending your money to not comply

By: Diane Benjamin

Normal issued this statement yesterday:

Let’s start with the Trustee candidates listed with red stars by their name. Add former trustee RC McBride to that list. What do they all have in common?

They all come from the Planning Commission!

This proves why Chris Koos doesn’t tell the public who he plans to appoint to Boards and Commissions. He hand picks people to train to run for Council – people he can control. He expects the Council to vote YES with no discussion because King Koos thinks he can pick people with no input from anyone else. It looks like Koos threw Karyn Smith under the bus since 3 will be elected and he has his three – Karyn isn’t one of them.

Normal has hired a Chicago law firm. The Town doesn’t hire outside counsel to tell them the truth, Koos wants to know how Normal can NOT be an Incorporated Town after they got a judge to declare they are just a few months ago.

Who is Kasper and Nottage PC?

This excerpt will help:

How much to you think taxpayers will be paying per hour for their services?

Normal’s attorney Brian Day can’t read and interpret the law? He’s on the Board of Directors of the Illinois Local Government Lawyers Association:

Is Normal admitting their “professional staff” isn’t perfect?

Koos is now bringing Chicago politics to Normal to prevent citizens from having a voice in their government. Congrats.






21 thoughts on “Normal: Spending your money to not comply

  1. Let me get this straight. Normal has Mike Madigan’s attorney representing them at tax payer expense because Brian Day is too stupid to get the job done himself. Hope we get our moneys worth.

    Popcorn anyone?

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  2. Instead of going to all this legal trouble and expense why doesn’t Koos call a hearing of the Normal Election Commission and let Angie Huonker decide for herself if she should be elected or hired? What would be the problem with that?

    Yes that’s sarcasm and I can’t stop laughing at all this this morning. This is one of the funniest I’ve seen in Normal in a long time and that’s saying something.

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  3. The clerk doesn’t live in Normal but she makes electoral Board decisions. I’m sure she is impartial and never votes the way she is told in order to keep her job. Normal is more corrupt than I thought.

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  4. As per the King Koos town unpublished dictionary of political incorrectness it is Normal for town trustees to be corrupt as long as he/him/satan/wimp, King Koos is the dictator in chief.

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  5. Where does the council elect stand on this? Who is pro and against these offices being elected?
    A better question to ask is who is pro whatever Koos wants vs. who is for the voters.


      1. I think the question meant to ask which candidates support voter rights and which ones support voter disenfranchisement. I’m sure they’ll all Say they support voter rights, four have been historically aligned with anti-voter Koos – Kathleen, Karyn, Andy, Rachel – and three actually helped circulate petitions for the ‘new’ elected positions – Stan, Marc, Karl.


  6. A good question to ask; who decided to hire this law firm? Why not read the Illinois Statute and just follow the law? Could the town be looking for a way to circumvent? Town officials never pay for their mistakes.

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    1. LBNINDY:
      Strategy might just be to have any litigation transferred to Crook County – – After all, it is Illinois.


    2. The lawyer of a guy who’s been indicted, yes, but indicted after decades of blatant corruption and still not convicted afaik. The thinking is likely if they could extend Madigan’s reign past 40 years, they should be able to get Koos 30.


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