Is Normal using tax dollars to create an objection?

By: Diane Benjamin

Follow up to this story:

Normal: Spending your money to not comply

The deadline to file objections to petitions is Monday.

Did Normal hire an outside law firm to create an objection?

Are they using tax dollars to make sure citizens don’t have the RIGHT to vote for legal offices?

Is Normal using tax dollars to suppress the Vote?

Maybe Normal just wants to disenfranchise voters they don’t like!

Normal has tons of money to fight citizens, unfortunately it’s yours.

Will Koos buddy Patrick Dullard object

again after his objection caused this mess?

We will find out by the end of business on Monday.

Normal did this to themselves. If Koos had allowed the districts petition on the November ballot none of this would be happening.

Citizens shouldn’t have to FORCE government to follow the law. In Normal they do.

4 thoughts on “Is Normal using tax dollars to create an objection?

  1. Yes – TON Taxpayers paid brian day to assist Dullard in his objection to allow TON Citizens to vote.
    & with an inept general attorney – nothing will be done Except setting bad precedent for future illegal government entities.
    (inept is a very kind description)


    1. Calling Brian Day inept is like calling politicians stupid – it’s based on a false premise. Calling politicians stupid for policies that clearly cause public harm assumes he is working on behalf of the people when the people are 4th or lower on their priority list. Brian’s priorities are keep Koos and Kompany in power, keep Koos and Kompany happy, then maayybe something to do with the town or the people.
      He was told to keep the referendum off the ballot. He did a good job at that. He may have been told to do it as expensively as possible for the pro-voters-rights side. He did a pretty good job at that. It’s possible he told them there could be major fallout and he was told to do it anyway. Maybe they didn’t think the pro-voter side would follow through? At this point afaik they’ve painted themselves into a corner so this is partly a hail mary. And perhaps a sort of taxpayer-funded pre-paid kickback in case any of the individuals involved need legal representation going forward?


  2. I can believe they are so brazen with their intimidation and voter suppression. Why is it such a problem for us to vote for the offices we are entitled to?

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