Piranha everywhere!

By: Diane Benjamin

Watch the fresh meat tossed in the water – it’s YOU.

City of Bloomington, District 87, and Unit 5 are all holding property tax hearings because they want more of your money!

What do all 3 of these have in common?

Easy. The people who represent the citizens for all 3 are elected every two years in the consolidated election. That is the election where only around 15% bother to vote.

Don’t complain – you did this to yourself.

Planning to vote NOW next April?

The Bloomington Tax Hearing is Monday: https://blnnews.com/2022/11/30/december-5th-hearing-to-take-your-money-by-bloomington/

District 87 Tax Hearing is December 14th: https://pantagraph.com/ads/community/announcements/legal/district-87-notice-of-tax-levy-hearing/ad_a7c22867-1cd8-52c6-8107-09f3a8892840.html

I hear Unit 5’s will also be December 14, the agenda for the regular meeting has not been posted yet.

Refer back to the video – you are the fresh meat being tossed to fish with teeth.






4 thoughts on “Piranha everywhere!

  1. Taxes are percentages, inflation increases taxes paid. Schools and government are receiving a LOT more dollars. They love to spend, so the want a bigger percentage of YOUR money. Your slice of the pie will be smaller, while theirs keeps getting bigger.

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  2. 80% of property taxes go to Unit 5. Why should they get more when they ready misspend our money? The reason they pull this bs in December is because people are generally busier getting ready for Christmas and are not paying attention.

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  3. Unit 5 is producing CPS tier results – and the budget for highly paid admins is lavish. Unit 5 is both bloated and hungry at the same time .

    Bloated with mediocre (at best) unionized CRT groomers in the classroom and hundreds of admins earring 6 digit salaries – yet the clueless townsfolk paying the bills can’t understand why their kids can’t read.

    Hungry because they are in debt and the budget is busted.

    Sorry we can’t have Band or AP classes folks , as we have 14 new deputy associate DEI aides @ $89k each preparing to onboard ..

    .. you can raise your taxes.

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