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By: Diane Benjamin

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Media has decided these 3 filed for office in Normal because the referendum to elect Trustees by district was not allowed on the ballot. They missed one fact: TWO of these three didn’t sign the petition. One told me watching a Normal Town Council meeting made the decision easy – change IS needed.

City Manager form of government doesn’t exist for incorporated towns because Municipal Code requires the election of a Supervisor.

The Municipal Code on Normal’s website has the position of Town Clerk:

Incorporated Town are required to elect a Town Clerk, not appoint one.

The same code has the position of Collector too, the Town ignored law and just made the Finance Director the Collector:

The Town of Normal will either be forced to comply with the law or they can decide they are really a City instead of an Incorporated Town. Pam Reece gets to stay City Manager but Trustees will be elected by district automatically.

Which one do you want Normal? What happens to your credit rating when word gets out you have been operating illegally since 1985?

Was anyone at the TOWN listening to Judge Kording’s ruling?





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  1. king koos and queen pam want to have their cake and eat it too. Imagine that. These 2 bit tyrants need to be booted to the curb. Who the heck do they think they are? All of them treat the tax paying citizens of Normal like insignificant serfs. Well they’re getting their wake up call. Either comply with the law or admit Normal is a Village.

  2. This is amusing. Is Normal a Village, Town or City. By law, not a city they are not incorporated as such. If a Village, they don’t need these positions. Will they go argue in court that are not a Town, when they just argued they are a Town. @Six Pack – We are going to need a watch party with plenty of popcorn.

    1. Does Judge Kording realize what a huge bag of worms he’s opening up in his decision by not allowing the people to decide what form of government they want representing them? This could not possibly be what the original charter of Normal had in mind for a government for the citizenry where everything is up for grabs by a trip to court, which is surely where this one’s headed.

  3. I’m surprised
    1.) a Judge spoke on public record about Normal conducting illegal activities
    2.) and Normal’s attorney, Brian Day, sitting in the court room listening to the Judge call out Normal’s illegal activities
    yet neither chose to put in motion anything to make Normal stop doing the illegal activities.

    Doesn’t a Judge or Attorney have some ethical obligation to report or in Day’s case stop protecting those from continuing to do illegal activities?

    1. F”D-UP
      Excellent Review of the situation and just how incompetent TOWN of Normal atty(?) and the Judge are.

      Looking forward to your next newsworthy news article – Jab intended only to the npr wglt hypocrites and their followers.

  4. If chaos like this happened at my company heads would roll. It’s shocking that a question of whether Normal has the right number of elected officials needs a high end outside law firm to figure out. Normal’s “professional staff” are not so professional after all.

  5. That’s ok. Look over here at Uptown South. Nothing to see here. Move along folks…btw….If the new library is built where the current police station is, ummmmm , where………..does………….the…………police…………..station………move?

    1. Not Your Money:
      Several Ideas:
      Library will be torn down and re-built as the police station?
      Friends of King/Queen??
      Purchase – Demolish – the 2 bank properties – close North Street at College???
      The Options seem endless

      1. The current library property will be sold. If past experience teaches us anything, it will be for below market value to some preferred developer, and the proceeds will go towards funding some pet project.

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