Three file for offices in Normal that don’t exist yet

By: Diane Benjamin

This morning three people filed for offices in Normal that will only exist because of Patrick Dullard’s stunt throwing the referendum off the ballot with the Town of Normal’s blessings.

Judge Kording ruled Normal is an Incorporated Town, therefore the Town needs to comply with the law.

Robert Shoraga filed to run for Supervisor:

Amy Conklin filed for Clerk:

Karl Sila filed for his father, Charles Sila to run for Collector:

Koos and crew wanted to be an incorporated Town, that means these positions are required to be elected. Will Dullard object again? Maybe he should read the law: (65 ILCS 5/3.1-25-95)

Let the games begin!

Today is the last day to file. All three filed over 600 signatures.

8 thoughts on “Three file for offices in Normal that don’t exist yet

  1. This is great! Thank you citizens for stepping up and Diane for the fantastic (although non-credentialed) reporting lol. (Sorry too soon? ) That was BS. You deserve credentials.

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  2. Koos fanatics will argue less elected representation in Normal government is better.

    Nord supporters will say more elected representatives answering directly to the public is better.

    Normal will never let these elected offices exist, Pam would loose control.

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