Happenings at the Electoral Board:

By: Diane Benjamin

Mayor Koos was said to be unable to attend, so the Board was Kevin McCarthy and Scott Preston along with the attorney Normal hired – Michael Kasper.

The Town really needs to explain why Brian Day, the attorney they already pay, couldn’t handle this hearing as he did the last challenge.

The elevator from the train station was not working – either one. If anyone wanted to come who is handicapped they would have had a difficult time attending. 2 of us walked up to the third floor where a maintenance man enabled the elevator to the fourth floor. Other people parked on the 4th floor and entered there.

Tom Devore was present as was Todd Greenberg who represents Fritzen and Dullard. Dullard was present, Fritzen wasn’t.

The proceedings were recessed until Devore has a chance to file with the board, it will probably be sometime next week since this can’t be delayed indefinitely. The media asked Devore a lot of questions when the hearing ended. I hope you get more than 10 second clips on the news.

The only video worth sharing here was a public comment by Doug Fansler, listen all the way to the end please:

11 thoughts on “Happenings at the Electoral Board:

  1. I stand behind every comment that gentleman made in the video. It is time for the town of normal to do things correctly and I’m so very happy to see that the people of normal are speaking out and demanding Our Town back

  2. This quote sums up everything and needs to go viral.

    “I find it odd that Al Capone’s hometown is abiding by the law and we [Normal] are not.” Doug Fansler – Normal, IL

  3. I hope a lot of people show up and speak up at the next Council meeting to address the poor behavior of Council members Harris, Preston, Koos, McCarthy, Kathy, and Smith.. They need to hear it and so do all the citizens of Normal. Wasn’t it Al Capone who didn’t go to prison for killing people, he was sent to prison for tax evasion. Every Council member I listed might not be convicted for the horrible things they have done to the citizens of normal but could be convicted on the small stuff. If only we had a prosecutor. The lady from the clerks office should be fired for not doing her job properly and then acting like the entire population of Normal owes her something.

  4. Again, the election board is a farce. If anything it should only ensure that state law is followed in regards to form, procedure and process. “Let the people decide”, should always be the view of those in position of responsibility and decision, regardless of ideology.

  5. Well Said Doug. Normalites need to start filling the council meetings AND voice their opinion.

  6. When town staff trample someone’s rights they should be fired. An email calling them out is not enough.

  7. Ok, I understand how McCarthy is sitting in for the absent mayor. What I don’t understand is why Preston is there. Who decided that? This commission is a big fat joke.

    1. State law, when Normal chooses to follow it, says that the town clerk cannot serve when the hearing is for the office of clerk, or any issues that would have a direct bearing, such as the other two near-identical objections. The replacement is the next-most-senior council member, decided by chance in a case of a tie. This apparently resulted in Preston being on the commission.
      Just like their running Andy Byers because he lives on the west side, this is political maneuvering. The commission can claim to be bipartisan, and Preston has his choice of either another ineffective token vote to maintain the ‘R’ in his RINO, or a chance to cement his good standing with the Town rulers.

  8. Congratulations on getting Tom Devore. So my next question is so what can we expect from Scott Preston nice he just had his butt handed to him by his fellow democrat since he shouldn’t have even been on the Republican ticket. He’s nothing more than a RINO

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