Pre-Monday poem

Twas the night before petition challenges are due

Who will file to prevent voting by you?

Will a Town of Normal stooge file as before?

Maybe the 3 filings the Town will ignore.

An Incorporated Town Koos wanted to be

Seems like complying with code should be the key.

Have laws ever mattered where tryanny rules?

Maybe in Normal expecting compliance is only for fools.

At close of business Monday the truth we will know

Normal’s true colors will surely very brightly show!

An elected Supervisor, Clerk, and Collector they need

Anyone think the Town will actually concede?



4 thoughts on “Pre-Monday poem

  1. They can’t risk this getting to the voters – This is a bigger threat to their fiefdom than the districting petition was.
    By hiring Madigan’s law firm, they’ve already set the stage to add voter intimidation to their voter disenfranchisement, it’s just a question of how exactly they’re going to do it.

  2. “Normals true colors” ? We all know Koos/Reece true colors. It’s just too bad that the whole town gets labeled by their traitorous actions. Although there are several players. Seriously if this country ever gets back on track I’m nominating those two for prison.

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