4 things you need to know

By: Diane Benjamin


ISU has announced the speaker for their annual MLK Cultural Dinner: Yusef Salaam. He was one of the five convicted of a rape and murder in New York City decades ago. After many years in prison all 5 were exonerated thanks to DNA technology that wasn’t available in 1989.

Read more about Yusef here: https://www.yusefspeaks.com/meet-yusef

Register for the event here: https://secure.touchnet.com/C20868_ustores/web/store_main.jsp?STOREID=36&SINGLESTORE=true


Want a job at ISU? Are you letting your kids go in debt for this?: https://jobsearch.illinoisstate.edu/en-us/job/514844/instructional-assistant-professor-womens-gender-and-sexuality-studies-program

Is it non-tenure track because they know WOKE isn’t going to last forever?


This stop sign is at at the corner of Rt. 9 and Leroy-Lexington blacktop. It is the site of a fatal accident last spring. The red pole is in addition to rumble strips and flashing lights on the Stop Ahead sign. It isn’t paint, it’s something attached to the poll. If drivers can’t see this one they shouldn’t be driving. Good job County.


Pritzker keeps issuing disaster proclamations for money: https://www.illinois.gov/content/dam/soi/en/web/illinois/documents/government/coronavirus-disaster-proc-11-10-22.pdf

PDF page 5:

None of the states around us are still under disaster proclamations. Didn’t Pritzker just get another $80 billion?

The last time I posted the National Debt Clock was April of 2020, less than 3 years ago.

Back then the debt was $24.7 TRILLION. https://blnnews.com/2020/04/26/cant-close-a-post-office/

In 2014 the National Debt was $17 trillion. https://blnnews.com/2014/06/12/politicians-arent-here-to-solve-problems/

Of course the silver spoon heir obese health czar isn’t bankrupting his own kids, just yours.

Debt per citizen in Illinois has decreased by $50 per citizens, it’s down to $12,955. Celebrate.





9 thoughts on “4 things you need to know

  1. Good morning, Diane
    Some time ago, I proposed rumble strips for both cross roads, one with a stop sign as well as the one without, to Dan Brady. I think every crossroad should have these. Cost has to be minimal.
    It went nowhere.
    Your opinion?
    Jerry Gilbert


  2. COV-19 is still around with RVS which is currently overwhelming hospitals with sick infants and elderly. The federal government has promised aids to have doctors and nurses come to hospitals. Along with a severe flu season it’s a perfect storm of viral illness that’s making people sick and even killing them. Illinois is in the middle


      1. PAT O:
        Why is the federal government – – THAT IS THOSE OF US THAT PAY TAXES – promising aid…
        Is it because the medical field no longer follows the Hippocratic Oath?
        A severe flu season by whose standards – – WHO – CDC – CCP?


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    1. Pat O – Even according to the CDC, which is known for fearmongering the situation, more than 90% of deaths are over 55, and both death and hospitalization rates for infants are roughly the same as for teens and young adults (i.e. almost negligible). There may be pockets or specific cases where hospitals still have a lot of Wuhan cases, but at 385 Total deaths Nationwide over Three Years, we are Not “currently overwhelming hospitals with sick infants”.
      Assuming you’re not making up sick lies yourself, perhaps you should ask yourself why whoever else is lying to you, drop whatever loyalties you may have to those people, and expand what news sources you listen to.

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      1. Agreed – I simply can not understand why they INSIST on not only ignoring but scoffing at any information that counters the “preferred and prevailing narrative”. NowBig Pharma and their foot soldiers (the doctors) are trying in earnest to create lifelong patients from cradle to grave, I mean they did this before of course in many ways but now it is a full on offensive.” Healthcare” in the USA and some other countries as well, is now basically a monolith where once you enter it is nearly impossible to get out and away from it. It’s NOT supposed to be like that.


    2. First, I kind of doubt that, but then it MIGHT actually be at least somewhat true what with the severely depressed immune systems so many people now have due to following all of the fear mongering “orders” they were given to “STAY HOME!!” and wearing a face rag over their nose and mouth constantly for now coming into YEARS depriving themselves of both proper breathing as well as any chance of acquiring daily doses of natural immunity and quite possibly creating a perfect habitat for bacterial pneumonia. Add in the increased number of people who run to the doctor for every cough and runny nose and test themselves endlessly plus add in the fact that those who are vaxxed will often test positive for covid due to reasons I’ll let you try and discover on your own. Then add in the now rampant “germs” fear so many have now acquired slathering themselves in antibacterial fluids that further inhibit their natural immunity and you have a perfect storm of easily sickened and weakened people.
      Those of us who paid no mind to the edicts and never got involved with the endless testing along with the constant mask wearing who just shouldered on as normal and got ZERO “vaccines” seem to be doing pretty well. The “covid caper” has done a LOT of possibly permanent damage, both physical and psychological just as it was intended too. I don’t even feel sorry anymore for most of them, though I will give some quarter to the many seniors who were inundated endlessly with CDC/WHO propaganda telling them they MUST fear for their lives, many of them simply don’t realize that these alphabet agencies are NOT their friends.

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