Politicians aren’t here to solve problems

by:  Diane Benjamin

It’s way past time for Americans to realize politicians aren’t capable of and don’t want to solve your problems.  Any problems they attempt to solve only cause more problems.  I could provide a LONG list of problems made worse by government, can anybody provide an example of one thing they made better?

When trying to find one, keep in mind the country is now over $17 TRILLION in debt.  That’s $55,093 for every citizen.  The unfunded liabilities – like social security, medicare, and pensions – is now $129,523,000,000,000.  Got an example of government making things better yet?

Linda Doenitz  has  a Letter to the Editor in today’s paper.  I really hope Linda is young and uninformed, but I suspect she just sees America differently than I do.  She most likely doesn’t know the above facts or she thinks the debt will magically disappear.  Most politicians are not going to tout their success of destroying America’s future through debt, so how would she know.  Does the media show the US Debt Clock every night on the evening news?  Why be truthful, it might wake up the citizens being destroyed and lead to real change.

Here’s what Linda complained about:

  • Congress didn’t pass legislation giving citizenship to undocumented soldiers
  • Income Inequality
  • No Jobs
  • Increasing the minimum wage hasn’t passed
  • Transportation bill hasn’t passed
  • Immigration reform hasn’t passed-it tears families apart and stagnates economic progress
  • Our country looks weak because leadership is criticized for taking action abroad. Linda thinks the opposition doesn’t put forward workable solutions.  She thinks we look dysfunctional to the rest of the world.

Linda doesn’t believe America is a sovereign country with a right to control who enters.  She doesn’t believe in equal opportunity, not equal results.  She doesn’t believe in peace through strength.  Linda, have you noticed being passive is now emboldened our enemies.

Linda, ask your self a few questions:

  1. Why are there no jobs?  If you blame Republicans for not passing the Presidents agenda, you can stop reading now
  2. Why has income inequality gotten worse?
  3. Why are around 1000 undocumented children flooding the southern border everyday?
  4. Why are terrorists now in control of large parts of Syria, Iraq, and Libya?

If you can answer any of the above, write another Letter to the Editor.  Tell people to vote for people who didn’t create the problems in the first place instead of looking for somebody to solve them.  We need politicians and citizens  to believe in America again, not citizens wanting government to seize more control by acting like they will fix everything.

Linda, if you keep falling for promises (or lies), things will only get worse.








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