Breaking: Normal Electoral Board Folds without notice

By: Diane Benjamin

Chris Koos and company must think the three candidates that filed for offices required to be elected in Incorporated Towns will just disappear if they are ignored.

Koos is WRONG

Without a meeting or even a notice on their website, the Electoral Board decided they won’t hear any further testimony for the objections of Dullard and Fritzen. Since the Town Clerk didn’t answer an email I sent yesterday asking her about it, it is safe to assume Tom Devore’s response to Dullard and Fritzen left them with nothing to argue and therefore they KNOW they are defeated.

This action violates the Due Process Rights of the three candidates who filed petitions. It also violates the Due Process Rights of Patrick Dullard and Jeff Fritzen who probably don’t care. Their attorney will get paid anyway, maybe they can demand a refund from Greenburg.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that childish behavior was used by the Town of Normal. The crying Clerk over an email said everything: Gaslighting the guy who stated the law while deflecting what the law says.

The Madigan attorney Normal hired screwed up by sending letters to the three without allowing them due process. Normal thinks ignoring the candidates is a winning strategy. Koos and company are wrong.

The 3 candidates have attorney Tom Devore – the guy who defeated Pritzker in court.

Devore is going to court:

As soon as the lawsuits are filed I will post copies. Right now I have a copy of what Devore sent to one of the candidates for approval before filing. Stay tuned.

Any Koos supporters reading? Ask Chris what law he used to start an Electoral Board hearing and then close up shop without notice. The taxpayers of Normal want to know.



5 thoughts on “Breaking: Normal Electoral Board Folds without notice

    1. More important is the names of the public servants running against them:
      – Marc Tiritilli
      – Stan Nord
      – Karl Sila
      The three everyone should vote For!

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