The Devore filings:

By: Diane Benjamin

Thomas Devore filed 2 documents and a summons for each of the three candidates who submitted petitions:


CHARLES SILA – Collector


Since the documents are identical except for the names and copies of the petitions filed, I’m only posting 2 of the ones filed for Robert Shoraga – without the petitions he filed.

Keep in mind the Town of Normal did this to themselves when they didn’t allow the referendum to elect Trustees by district and then had a court declare Normal an Incorporated Town. That ruling was in September, the Town chose to ignore what the judge stated in his ruling.

Normal got what they wanted, now they need to act like an Incorporated Town by electing offices required in the municipal code.



10 thoughts on “The Devore filings:

  1. Oh what a tangle web they weave when the town of Normal tries to deceive.

    Hope this works or at least shows everyone what a sorry lot the current council is.

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  2. I live in Bloomington & like to interfere in Normal occasionally. What enrages them so about the 3 running for the offices? 1. That they are doing it. 2. That their salaries will come from budget. 3. That they won’t fit in with status quo. Sorry to be dense. I try to understand what’s going on.

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  3. The electoral board process was stopped before a ruling was made to set the stage for Normal to use taxpayer dollars to appeal the decision forever or until the 3 candidates can no longer afford to pay their attorney fees. As it was going before, Dullard and Fritzen were responsible for paying the legal fees to fight to keep these positions off the ballot.

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  4. I would like to be optimistic, but the judiciary in this county protects the status quo.

    I have little faith any judge here will rule with the candidates.


  5. A good attorney knows the law. Whereas, a great attorney knows the judge. Normal spared no expense to hire the most politically connected attorney in Illinois for a reason.

    You are fooling yourself to think what is right or best for the residents matters, because it doesn’t. You’re in Illinois; the most corrupt state in the entirety of the United States. Money and connections will win. Sorry to burst your hope.


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