Koos nominated for the third time to Amtrak

By: Diane Benjamin


Carper’s term expired YEARS ago, so much for being vital.

3 thoughts on “Koos nominated for the third time to Amtrak

  1. What is the deal with Koos and his nominations to Amtrak? Besides his RR rainbow bridge and sugar plum walking bridge pet project taxpayer funded development downtown Normal that, if built, will probably cost twice the budgeted projections, what is his “knowledge base for Amtrak? Does he have any expertise or experience in transportation/ logistics or simply more good buddy with ole Dicky D? Amtrak, is a cash sponge and tax money laundering scam for Illinois (donor) vendors, and contractors. Others are busing in when the buses run empty and destroy the roads/curbs (shuttles?), “public/private partnerships” involving funding of any private project (the public always loses out on the profit and never gets public access for the tax dollars), bike /walking paths (especially when roads are in poor condition) built during a recession versus real infrastructure that provides public/business accessibility (do ask corporations for green money and build paths with that cash), plus so much more.

    Off topic:
    Why doesn’t he just get a tax funded credit card and use it for everything. At this point he drives on us plebes for free, eats for free at fancy restaurants, travels on our taxpayer tab, fuels his free truck on our electric bill, writes off as much as he can on us taxpayers. Using his position as Mayor to benefit himself financially. I wonder if an impartial “outside” CPA firm did an audit, versus the local “buddies”, how many of his receipts and other expenses of staff would be rejected for various irregularities.

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