Normal last night continued

By: Diane Benjamin

Another bike path was on the agenda. Refer back to the previous story, bike paths have a higher priority than roads. Mayor Bike Shop?

The Town supposedly received 100% funding for the new path on the west side of Normal. Engineering is 8.5% higher than expected so the Town needed a budget amendment for $14,310. Funds come from Motor Fuel Taxes, that’s taxes you pay at the gas pump the bikers and walkers on the new trail won’t be paying.

Stan Nord wanted the payment to come from some other fund so Motor Fuel Taxes were actually spent on streets those buying gas use.

Enter Town War part “I-lost-track”. Of course Stan Nord is wrong according to the Koos kneeling Council. Karyn Smith proved again why she needs removed, she mentioned ISU was GIVING them the property to build the Trail so Normal should be appreciative.

Does Karyn Smith not understand ISU is giving away property taxpayers paid for?

Karyn is oblivious to the fact taxpayers own everything government claims they own. She treats your money accordingly – as does the rest of the Council minus one.

Nord tried to amend the motion to pay the cost from General Fund reserves. It of course failed. Even pretend Republicans Preston and Lorenz voted no after bloviating about it. Remember that the next time you fill up. Normal isn’t repairing roads with those taxes, they are building bike paths.

This will get worse. Normal applied for a grant in 2020 and received it: $1,205,000.

The engineering is already over budget. By the time construction actually begins the total cost will be much higher.

Is Normal going to fund that from Motor Fuel Tax funds too?

Motor Fuel Tax funds can be used for a variety of transportation projects. The question really is SHOULD THEY?

Maybe you should plan to vote in April for 3 people who have common sense. Many more people use the roads than bike paths. Spending should reflect that. In Normal it doesn’t.

Just hit play to hear this discussion. You need to hear from these people yourself. Kevin McCarthy didn’t show up, thankfully you will be spared him.



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