Koos is a Conflict of Interest

By: Diane Benjamin The University of Illinois at Chicago recently rated Illinois as the second most corrupt state in the country: https://www.illinoispolicy.org/reports/corruption-costs-illinois-taxpayers-at-least-550m-per-year/?fbclid=IwAR11VlYYI6ARmHozjFT0DQgsFig-PgAJNkYwkSGbD1jj3AvL_hCEGbDrJK8 Central Illinois isn’t exempt. The Town of Normal is famous for calling new bike trails a Quality of Life issue. It is – for bike shop owner and Mayor of Normal: Chris Koos. […]

UPDATE: 2 people on a bus!

Writing articles at night is never a good idea for me – I’m a morning person!  Spending so much time at the Peoria hospital makes writing difficult though.  Hubby continues to improve slowly! I need to correct a few things in this post.  Riders for March were 220,804  up for the first time I remember […]

Spending Spree Monday

By:  Diane Benjamin First a medical update:  Prayer does work!  My husband has had people all over the globe praying for his recovery.  Today he woke up, opened his eyes and responded to our voices and commands from the medical staff.  He had a brain aneurysm that burst on Good Friday.  The ICU neurology staff […]

Budget: Entertaining you!

By:  Diane Benjamin Quality of Life?  it’s not if you can’t afford to live here or participate! Details for anything listed as Total are in this document  FY 2017 Budget Detail  It’s searchable, so any item is easy to find. Much of the below is what Bloomington spends to entertain you.  I’m purposely not including […]

Do you want 370 miles of bike paths?

by:  Diane Benjamin McLean County is going to add to the bike trail going north.  The Illinois Department of Transportation is paying 80% of the cost, McLean county, Bloomington, and Normal are paying most of the rest.  The smaller cities are pitching in some money too. McLean County will pay:  $145,000 Bloomington will pay:   […]

Bikes & Democracy?

BIKES AND DEMOCRACY? – Give me a Representative Government DIRECT DEMOCRACY/BLONO FACEBOOK PAGE May 21, 2012 Direct Democracy. What is it? James Madison defined it as  “…a number of citizens, whether amounting to a minority or majority of the whole, who are united and actuated by some common impulse of passion, or of interest, adverse to the […]