Koos is a Conflict of Interest

By: Diane Benjamin

The University of Illinois at Chicago recently rated Illinois as the second most corrupt state in the country: https://www.illinoispolicy.org/reports/corruption-costs-illinois-taxpayers-at-least-550m-per-year/?fbclid=IwAR11VlYYI6ARmHozjFT0DQgsFig-PgAJNkYwkSGbD1jj3AvL_hCEGbDrJK8

Central Illinois isn’t exempt.

The Town of Normal is famous for calling new bike trails a Quality of Life issue. It is – for bike shop owner and Mayor of Normal: Chris Koos.

He isn’t even trying to hide it anymore.


Quote: “Constitution Trail has been a big benefit to biking and to bike sales,” said Chris Koos, owner of Vitesse Cycle Shop in Normal.



From the Mayor’s own business website: https://www.vitessecycle.com/

Koos has been plotting his bike empire for many years: https://www.newspapers.com/clip/6134742/vitesse-cycle-full-page-article-about/

Koos obviously isn’t Mayor to make sure your roads are good, not when when bike trails can be built that benefit his business!

Chris Koos has stated this himself!

There is profit for Koos personally in building more bike paths, but he never recuses himself from votes.

Corruption Normal!

April 6th

7 thoughts on “Koos is a Conflict of Interest

  1. The town ethics officer is Pam Reece. Good luck in getting her to do anything. She is complicit in the corruption. The town attorney is not obligated to identify or stop corruption either. His job is to defend the town when caught. That leaves the bobble head council who are Koos lemmings.

    Someone should file a complaint with the states attorney so we can see if they care about local corruption.


    1. There is/has been a huge conflict of interest with this mayor. It is obvious with all of his pet projects to waste our tax dollars and promote bicycling – for his own benefit.

      And let’s not forget his famous “protester sale” of 2020 at his bicycle shop. He was so proud of his banner from Fast Signs and his “funny” idea. As he demands small businesses close, but keeps his bicycle business open. All safe in the bike shop, but not safe in other small business stores. Good Grief Koos!

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  2. Maybe the NEXT mayor that gets elected OUGHT to be into street construction or the cement business??
    At LEAST not be so dame arrogant during a lockdown. I hope this FLYS back at him.. KARMA!


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