Peoria Area Neighbors Challenge Agenda 21

It might seem to some local citizens, and even to many of our local city officials and elected council members, that the focus of sustainable issues, and thus, Agenda 21 – related projects, are issues that only us here at CITYWATCH are concerned about.

Such is not the case.
But, unfortunately, our community and city officials are in denial.
Denial at its core unmistakably affects functioning ability. Thus, we see that dysfunction in operation when our local officials and fellow-citizens close their eyes to what is obvious and present and taking place right in front of us, not only in our community, but in surrounding communities, as well. But, a cure is coming.
Consider the Peoria area, for instance.  Recently, a group of Tea Party members began to educate themselves and the community about the dangers of Agenda 21 – related issues. It garnered the attention of the local media there – something that our local media here refuses to acknowledge.  Denial?
Here is an excerpt and a link to the Agenda 21 educational forum:

Morton, Ill. —

Clean water, pollution-free oceans, green energy, food security and sustainable transportation might sound like laudable goals.
But these goals frightened at least some of the 35 people who met at Morton’s Freedom Hall on July 12.
Those members or visitors to the monthly Morton 9.12 Tea Party frightened were scared because between June 20-22 world leaders met in Rio de Janeiro to create a path for a sustainable future, according to the United Nations website. The plan is being called “The Future We Want,” and includes those goals. It is part of a broader plan called “Agenda 21” designed to change how man uses the Earth’s resources.
I have had the pleasure of meeting with Terry Rowe and discussing the problems communities face with pro-Agenda 21 municipal governments and the dangers they impose under the guise of sustainability and preserving the future.  These are all fallacies promoted by various and multiple organizations selling their Agenda 21 wares to local government and city officials.  As Rowe explains in his comments, broader participation of the local citizenry is necessary and is as big a challenge as stopping the programs themselves.
On a local level, right here in our Twin Cities, while a substantial number of citizens are aware of Agenda 21 and its objective, not enough action-oriented participation occurs. While we know about it, talk about it, and agree its bad and don’t want it, enough citizens fail to act on it.
But, that’s why CITYWATCH  is here.
We are familiar with Agenda 21 and all it brings with it. And, our mission revolves around the core target of Agenda 21 programs and plans – people, property and prosperity.
When we know surrounding communities, like the Peoria-Morton area, too, are concerned with the presence of this cancer, it gives us hope that it can be stopped.  It also should send a message to those who discount our effort, who ignore our message, and even those who undermine our presence – we’re not going away and our mission is not only ours, but fellow-citizens and neighboring communities.
An old cliche’ comes to mind:
Of the people, for the people,
and for the good of the community

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