UPDATE: 2 people on a bus!

Writing articles at night is never a good idea for me – I’m a morning person!  Spending so much time at the Peoria hospital makes writing difficult though.  Hubby continues to improve slowly!

I need to correct a few things in this post.  Riders for March were 220,804  up for the first time I remember from 218,586 last March.  The numbers I used below are year-to-date.

Using the Year-to-date rider numbers below, the total fares paid is $951,928.  See page 8 at the link below.




By:  Diane Benjamin

I REALLY saw it!

TWO people on one bus!

If anybody knows what time these buses are packed with people, I’d love to know.  I see them empty at every time of day!

So as not to bore you with more detailed Connect Transit numbers, in March the ONE MONTH loss was $807,332.60http://www.connect-transit.com/documents/04-25-2017%20Regular%20Board%20Packet%20Binder1.pdf

From July 2016 – March 2017 the loss to date is $7,683,656.72.

Page 11:

They claim 1,726,112 people rode in March.

Page 8 shows total fare and contracted income of $114,077.

How did 1,726,112 people ride for only $114,077?


We should all be happy mental health is now a high priority in McLean County.

When can we involuntarily commit Connect Transit Board members and the members of McLean County Board and the Bloomington and Normal City Council members who voted to increase funding for this nonsense?

Build more Bike Paths?

Taken today at 4:00, but I could probably take pictures of country riders everyday.

Just because the previously mentioned mentally ill want to spend even more millions building a bike path to Mansfield, it doesn’t mean anybody will use it.  Bikers will ride where they want to – not where they are created a path to ride on:




9 thoughts on “UPDATE: 2 people on a bus!

  1. Maybe when the bars close the buses are filled to capacity returning the students back to campus! I was shocked to actually see four riders the other day.
    The money we lose on these buses every month is as bad as the coliseum. The swamp in Bloomington needs to be drained!


  2. What idiots are responsible for having bike paths intalled or even chalked in on Washington Street?. The majority of the bkers are unable to obey the present stop lights, signs, or related traffic control. Yet drivers of motor vehicles are supposed to watch other vehicles, traffic control, and now bike rides. Cranial rectulism at its finest.


    1. Washington Street is the primary East/West arterial that the Fire and ambulance use. Michael Gorman of Bike BliNo was on the steering committee that put the Bicycle Master Plan together two years ago. Seems they are just desperate to have a multi-modal corridor established before they move East of Veterans. If you think I’m making this up, look at the written plan.


  3. Bike problems are not new but are getting worse. From my past-“May 10,1952, around 5:30pm on a Saturday, in rural McLean County, gravel road, 9yr old boy on his bike comes down his lane, checks for traffic, turns left and gets into the far right lane. Note-on gravel roads in the fifty’s, there were most often only three strips with hardly any loose gravel, the lad gets onto the far right one. Which puts him within about 2 1/2 foot from the grass. A late forty’s to early fifty’s Chevy car meets the lad and just before getting to him, for some reason the car driver thought the lad was going to swerve to the other side of the road, so he swerves left. They meet so exact in the middle of the car,so that the pointed hood ornament is driven with in a fraction of an inch, let me repeat that distance, with in a fraction of an inch from the lads brain. How do I know that distance you ask? That is what Dr. Baringer from Springfield, Ill. told my father. The Illinois State Police and before Rt 66 was four lanes, escorted Dr. Baringer to the old St Joe Hospital on Morris Ave in just a couple of minuets over 60 minuets, to save the lads life. How do I know that? I am that lad. So you folks rant and rave and you riders go ahead and ride three or more across like the idiots you all seem to want to be, but I am 74 now and Dr. Baringer is no longer with us. Good Luck.”


  4. I would say that half the busses I see around town have no people on them. Another 40% have 1-3 riders. It’s about 10% of the time that I see more, and that is around campus or by State Farm.


  5. My sister told me last night that she and a drunk were the only two people on the bus on her way home around six last night. She said the drunk kept walking up and down the isle so she got off way before her stop which left one person on the bus.


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