Theater tonight in Normal

By Diane Benjamin

The Normal Town Council meeting turned into a s**t show tonight.

2 things to know:  Kathleen Lorenz and Karyn Smith can’t run on lower property taxes.  Both voted against it when given a chance.

The rest of the ridiculous theater happened because Normal wants to pretend Judge Kording’s ruling is immaterial.  They want to blame Stan Nord for laws they want to ignore.

Details tomorrow, FREE entertainment!


The details:

13 thoughts on “Theater tonight in Normal

  1. If Stan can’t email the staff we can right? I mean they work for the “organization” but we pay their salaries.


      1. I see that Ms. Harris must be reading your blog or one of the Council/Staff who does must have shared that having a Louis Vuitton purse (if real) is not a great prop if you are claiming hard fiscal times.

        It seems we have a lot of staff, including Ms. Reece, who don’t like when people call out how they aren’t doing their jobs. It is funny to see the majority of Town Council and staff fight to be declared a Town but then immediately pivot away from that when they realize what a Town government requires.

        It will be great when Ms. Smith is elected off the Council. If she is still working at ISU, I hope their ethics and legal officials closely monitor her for any state law or ethics violations.

        Hopefully the Nord and Tiritilli bases can come together and elect a slate to get Smith and hopefully Lorenz off the Council. I can see Preston beg, borrow, and plead for Barickman’s slot as a way to get off the Councik versus having to be a swing vote after April.

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          1. Updating bios is not something most governments or media members focus on. Not something we have to worry about here! Thank you for pointing that out.


  2. The clerk’s petition was kept hidden from the public until Stan emailed them and called them out.

    It’s crazy Pam allow Brian to answer Stan’s question about why the clerk is not elected.

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    1. Whatever happened to the town of Normal’s standard line, “we are not able to comment on a pending legal matter.” Guess that one is out the window when friends of WGLT have such a great opportunity to sink their teeth into Stan Nord. We’re going to be hearing about this for a long, long time.

      Real long time!

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  3. In a nutshell,Stan is chastised because he told truth. Sounds like typical Normal BS. Maybe a visit from the judge that ruled on issue is needed . Better yet , Koos needs a kindergartner to read the ruling and state law to him and the rest of the group


  4. It just astounds me how we in the state of Illinois so rigorously promote the victimhood of government employees who earn their paychecks from the taxpayers while their inflated pensions are bankrupting our state. Clearly in Illinois the best jobs are in government. Maybe Normal town employees should unionize if they’ve got it so rough receiving Stan Nord’s emails. Illinois voters did after all vote for Amendment 1 in the name of worker’s rights due to the cry baby antics of people like Jodi. Somebody in Pam’s organization is getting a new Rivian for Christmas. Will all of Stan Nord’s victims please step forward to receive your gift?


  5. LOL the only vote I’ve ever regretted casting in my life has been for Stan Nord. Biggest idiot I’ve ever seen elected, and that says a lot when you consider Maxine Waters was elected to congress… good lord. If you all think Stans actions are going to get him, Marc, and Sila elected, you’re nuts. It’s garbage like this that will get the psychos like Lund and Byers. The town is going to end up with radical leftists because Stan pulls stupid antics like this. I can’t wait to come to the blog after Lund gets elected to see all of the crying from the Stan and Diane Clan.


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