Barickman announces retirement RIGHT AFTER running for re-election

By: Diane Benjamin

From Barickman’s Facebook:

I have chosen to retire from the Illinois Senate, effective at the end of my current term, which expires on January 10, 2023.

I have now served in the Illinois House and Senate for twelve years. My oldest son was born during the final days of my first legislative session, which quickly taught me about the sacrifices that would burden my family as I chose to serve. Those who know me are well aware of the priority I have continually attempted to place on my family. However, my other obligations have only increased, bringing further sacrifices. Throughout my time in the legislature, I have also had the honor to work as a full-time attorney, an adjunct college professor, and more recently as a partner in a real estate company that has grown much faster than I could have hoped for.

Kristin and I have been blessed with a growing family, and our children deserve more of my time, attention, and involvement. My children are at special ages when parental involvement is critical, and I owe them my best attempt to make them the priority they deserve to be. However, for too long, Kristin and our kids (Augie, 11; Wally, 9; and Lia, 5) have tolerated a father who has had more obligations than time. I want to now give them more of me and am looking forward to getting more of them. My mom, dad and brother have also supported me at every turn. Now is a chance for me to give them more of my time as well.

At the same time, the wonderful people of the 53rd Senate District need a representative who can make them the priority they deserve to be. Representing central Illinois, first in the House and then in the Senate, has been an incredible honor and privilege which I have never taken for granted. During my time in office, I have had the opportunity to play a role in historic changes in our state. My passion has been to serve as an independent voice in favor of limited and responsible governance for our State. I’ve tried to demonstrate that there is space for independent and thoughtful representation, even in our increasingly polarized political climate. Solving problems legislatively, and just as importantly, working to address constituent issues, has given me an opportunity to prove that our government, as frustrating as it can be, can actually still work.

Throughout my career in public service, Kristin and I have met countless individuals who have become and will remain our closest friends. I am especially grateful to my colleagues in the Senate, and to the incomparable staff on whom we all rely. Kristin and I will be forever blessed by the kindness and friendship shown by far too many people to name here.

What’s next for me includes more time with my kids – fishing, outdoor activities, traveling, participating in their activities, shuttling them around, and hopefully avoiding many of the phone calls, meetings and conflicts that have too often pulled me away from my family.

I am announcing my retirement now to give the Republican Party leadership in my district time to fill this vacancy so that a new Senator can be seated at the inauguration of the new 103rd General Assembly in January 2023. I am very excited for this next chapter of my life to begin, and I wish nothing but success for the next Senator to represent the 53rd District. May God bless Illinois.

Funny Jason didn’t mention the mountain of cash he’s sitting on:

Going to return that? Going to keep it for family vactions?

Barickman is living proof of just how worthless the Illinois Republican Party is. Run unopposed, then quit right after so the people CAN’T chose their own representative.





16 thoughts on “Barickman announces retirement RIGHT AFTER running for re-election

  1. Wow that’s dirty. Took all that money and knowingly DENIED The People the opportunity to vote for their Senator to represent them. Undoubtedly they already know which Rino they’re going to install as his replacement. It’s not as though they’re going to start asking around now. THEY’VE already CHOSEN the replacement.

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  2. If the county GOP picks his replacement, it will no doubt be with a RINO. I would not be surprised if they asked Josh Barnett or Kathleen Lorenz to take Barrickman’s spot. Whatever the GOP can do to turn the County more blue is where my money is at.


    1. Unlike you and me, most people in BN are in fear of pulling the trigger and leaving all the misery behind thinking of every excuse they can think of to stay. Being pissed and miserable is no way to go through life if you are truly unhappy no matter the reason to endure your current lot in life. I found out the hard way that pretty much everyone in BN was a backstabbing, untrustworthy liar whether you worked with them or not. A city full of wannabes that would have sold their own mothers for another five bucks in their bank account. Most all liked being a big fish in the smallest of ponds.


      1. Your characterization of most BloNo residents is spot on. The more one is involved in the community , the more one realizes how true this is !

        Posers , grifters , carriers of deep emotional baggage , wannabe’s and bitter post wall land whales comprise the majority of the local population and 100% of those appearing in the Pantagraph’s ‘lifestyle’ magazine , The Limited.


  3. Your last paragraph and comment are exactly correct. Overall, this is great news. One less irrelevant ineffective member of the IL GOP who individually and as a group have no power, influence and/or ability to get anything done that benefits taxpayers. As a registered Republican I’ve had it with these incompetent slack jawed mouth breathers.


  4. Does anyone on this blog or anywhere else believes this changes by “putting the right people” in office? BN, McLean County and Illinois are corrupt to the core. Has been and always will be. Want to change things? Move as soon as you can. Plenty of options out there if you are really serious. All the reasons not to do it are in your mind. You will find another gig and your kids will adjust. Absolutely nothing happening in the future in BN that merits sticking around. Choose not to make the move, it’s on you.


  5. “What’s next for me includes more time with my kids – fishing, outdoor activities, traveling, participating in their activities, shuttling them around,,,” and that will be a lot easier to do with some $853K in his war chest, thanks to all those people who contributed to my campaign funds. See ya later alligator. Ho! Ho! Ho!

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  6. Now the real truth is coming out. His property investment partnership wants to build a 480+ apartment unit in North Normal to feed the Rivian factory. Nothing in the plans addresses the increased traffic on Towanda Avenue which runs right through Ironwood. One lane. To widen the road, the state would need to be involved to widen the bridge going over I-55. Towanda Ave to Northtown Rd going west is a straight shot to Rivian Motorway. Going to be a traffic nightmare imo.


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