All 9 Episodes now available

All episodes of Carol’s Last Christmas are posted. Each one is around 30 minutes. Episode 9 mentions the mishandling of Normal’s other unsolved murder that falsely put Alan Beaman in jail for 13 years. Jennifer Lockmiller’s family has no justice, just like Carol Rafstad’s. The Normal police refused to participate and redacted most information. Since the case is close to 50 years old it makes Normal look bad. The podcast states if you want to get away with murder, do it in Normal.

2 thoughts on “All 9 Episodes now available

  1. I listened to all the episodes. I think they didn’t want ISU and Normal clouded in a murder investigation, so they didn’t investigate Carol’s case properly. In order to not tarnish the reputation of ISU and Normal, they were content to let this case go “cold.” It’s disgusting what these people were ans are willing to cover up.

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  2. Another reason to vote for new blood / reform candidates. Whether the underlying problem was ‘protecting the good-ol-boys’ as some have implied, ‘appearances are everything’ as FedUp has indicated, or simply hubris that they always know what they’re doing and can’t except outside input, the some Attitudes prevail within town leadership today even if it’s not the same actual Individuals.

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