All 9 Episodes now available

All episodes of Carol’s Last Christmas are posted. Each one is around 30 minutes. Episode 9 mentions the mishandling of Normal’s other unsolved murder that falsely put Alan Beaman in jail for 13 years. Jennifer Lockmiller’s family has no justice, just like Carol Rafstad’s. The Normal police refused to participate and redacted most information. Since […]

Normal Police and Cold Cases

By: Diane Benjamin Most people remember the 1993 Jennifer Lockmiller case where Alan Beaman was declared innocent after spending years in prison. The case is still unsolved. Is anyone investigating now? Lockmiller was not the only unsolved murder on the ISU campus however. In 1975 Carol Rofstad was murdered outside her sorority house. The […]

Chris Koos: Desperato

By: Diane Benjamin Remember the Eagles song Desperato? That should be the Chris Koos theme song. He has NOTHING to run on so he is now personally attacking Marc Tiritilli instead of addressing the issues. Chris is a divisive leader because he knows people don’t want the things he wants. Marc Tiritilli is running to […]

Normal could have short meeting Monday!

By:  Diane Benjamin Only 3 items are on the agenda for Monday night: Payments that aren’t supposed to be discussed: Maybe this is why the Chamber tells voters who to elect: This is in addition to the $23,920 in gift cards Normal gave their employees: If there was a “public purpose” for […]

Normal gets more bike lanes and more

By:  Diane Benjamin Monday night agenda: PDF page 61 Part of Shelbourne already has bike lanes: Has anybody counted how many people use the current bike lanes?  The Town claims the residents have been notified and no complaints have been made about the on-street parking ban. This one is fun!  The State of Illinois shows […]

Just so you know the Team:

By:  Diane Benjamin It was nice of most the progressives to pose for a pic together.  Progressives think government is the answer to every problems.  Personal responsibility isn’t required when government can create the future, they just need a ton more money to make it perfect.  Nikita Richards announced on Cities 92.9 that she plans […]