Normal could have short meeting Monday!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Only 3 items are on the agenda for Monday night:

agenda 1-6

Payments that aren’t supposed to be discussed:

Maybe this is why the Chamber tells voters who to elect:

Norm 1-6a

This is in addition to the $23,920 in gift cards Normal gave their employees:

If there was a “public purpose” for this spending on employees, why isn’t it double?  triple?

norm 1-6b

Taxpayers are funding the Museum:

norm 1-6c

Has anyone ever listened to a podcast?

norm 1-6d

Since Bloomington’s Downtown Business Association folded due to lack of contributions from downtown businesses, it would be nice to know how Uptown’s is doing:

norm 1-6e

More Tiger Grant spending.  I wonder if the other two are for the underpass.

This brings Tiger Grant spending since May of 2018 to $398,218.37.  (unless I missed some)

norm 1-6f


11 thoughts on “Normal could have short meeting Monday!

  1. Last time they had a ‘short meeting’, they used the lack of interest/attendance to raise the property tax that they had already publicly agreed not to raise.

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  2. And is the meeting where Mr. Nord will be escorted out ? Is he not disruptive and a trouble maker ? He asks pertinent questions, thus he is out of order. And about these official Rules of Order meetings, who is the sergeant-of-arms at these functions ? Isn’t that the person responsible for order ? To the concerned crowds who attend this meeting, be careful where you park.

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    1. It would be great to have a sergeant-of-arms at these meetings. That person could remove Koos when he violates the state policy on public comment.

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  3. What podcasts? Three thousand dollars for archaeology survey? What is this group looking for? Normal mayors MORALS? If so good luck!


  4. Do they do this so the citizens won’t show up to speak during public comment because there’s “nothing” or very little to comment about?


  5. True, but where will they see it? You can’t get them off their butt to vote. Sure some of us will see it here but it will take more than our little village to bring change. However if someone runs against fueler Koos it would make a great election commercial, but again would it be enough to get people off their butts?

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