Just so you know the Team:

By:  Diane Benjamin

It was nice of most the progressives to pose for a pic together.  Progressives think government is the answer to every problems.  Personal responsibility isn’t required when government can create the future, they just need a ton more money to make it perfect.  Nikita Richards announced on Cities 92.9 that she plans to replace all voting equipment and set up early voting locations around the County.  $$$ + $$$ + $$$.  If you missed her and other democrats, listen here:    https://watchdog.podbean.com/e/illinois-watchdog-radio-part-5-8-24-18/

In the back row is Shayna Watchinski (running for County Board) and Nikita.  Shayna can be heard here in part two along with others:   https://watchdog.podbean.com/e/illinois-watchdog-radio-part-6-8-24-18/

Erik Rankin, Democrat chair, admits they are running to stop Trump.  Yes, the booming national economy must be stopped!

In front are two candidates running for the Bloomington City Council – Jeff Crabill and Jenn Carrillo.

Jeff was kind enough to post a sign saying where he stands:



If you run into him ask him how much “Fair Share” is.  50%?  100%?  He must believe the 1% will continue to work, hire people, grow their businesses, and invest money locally just so the government can seize the profits!

Jeff doesn’t realize that corporations don’t pay taxes, the people who buy their products and services pay the taxes.  That expense is part of their business model and built into prices.  Jeff probably didn’t hear about all the corporations giving money to their employees because of the tax cuts, here’s another one – this time in Illinois:     http://illinoisreview.typepad.com/illinoisreview/2018/08/morton-grove-family-business-uses-tax-savings-to-boost-employees-wages.html

Having NO fundamental understanding economics is what’s wrong with the local economy.  Tari Renner is planning on getting his candidates elected so he can continue his agenda:    http://www.wjbc.com/2018/08/31/mayor-renners-not-on-the-ballot-next-year-but-he-wont-be-silent/

Add Georgeen Chissell and you are likely looking at three of his picks..

Want two more years of “Right Fit”?  Obsessing over downtown?  More TIF districts taking money from schools?  Crappy roads?

So far only one candidate Tari really doesn’t want to see on the Council has announced:  Donna Boelen.  If more good people don’t team up to run, the local flat or declining revenue will intensity.  Entrepreneurs either take government money before investing any of their own or they need free market capitalism without government interference to succeed.   Both Bloomington and Normal love to use TIF money so they control the entrepreneurs.  That model isn’t sustainable.

One more note:

Early voting for the November 6th election starts September 27th.

This is a scam courtesy of the Democrat Party in Illinois to get people to vote before any real campaigning happens.  We aren’t allowed to be patriot Americans who all join together to do our civic duty on the same day or even within a week or two of election day.  Voting is spread out over FORTY DAYS.  Absentee voting, same day registration, and forty days of voting mean nobody is disenfranchised, it also means we aren’t all informed before voting or united.  

Pay attention to which candidates promote early voting.  They are terrified of thinking voters.









17 thoughts on “Just so you know the Team:

  1. IMO, early voting needs to be seriously curtailed NOT extended, one WEEK is sufficient also “absentee voting” needs to be overhauled, there are waaaaaay too many mail in votes that are easily manipulated – How, one may ask? Oh let’s see here is ONE, just one way – person is on voter rolls but is basically incoherent due to sickness or dementia, person WOULD have voted conservative but their oh so loving caretaker votes FOR them and votes socialist/progressive (this used to be called democrat) – and YES I have seen it with my own eyes and it is sickening – I have never witnessed the opposite however, funny that…And yes totally agree that those who constantly want more and more early voting want to try and insure that the voter is NOT well informed, things often don’t come to light until just a short time before the election dates – Wonder what they are soooo afraid of?

    1. …or if you own property in two or three different places, you would be eligible for ballots in each.

  2. I agree with the writer. Corruption has been rampant for a long time in our elections. Don’t just vote, we need people to participate. Be an election judge. Be a poll watcher. If no one is running for precinct person, consider running. Grass roots politics can make a difference.

  3. If you think productive citizens and employers are leaving now, just wait til these fools are elected. Can you picture a company with 15 or 20 employees calling up Jenn or Shayna and asking if they can help cut some red tape to grow and keep jobs in the community? “You owe your fair share! It’s because of government, you have a business! You’re not the right fit for our community.” Word will spread fast among business owners and entrepreneurs.

  4. We were shocked when we found out my grandmother voted while in Westminster nursing home. She had a stroke and her ability to communicate was impaired. She was not capable of making decisions for herself, but they allowed her to vote in 2016!

  5. Mao and the “gang of four” . Been a long time since I had history, but I’m pretty sure this is the same photo that was in my history book…
    We need HONEST and NON-OPINIONATED election judges! Someone close to me was one for a number of years and at the primary-several years back, ONE of the judges at the poll told a voter “Oh no, don’t vote for that person in the primary, you NEED to vote for Hillary”
    She was turned in and NEVER served again.. Fair enough. But WHAT if EVERY judge did THAT?
    But let a Republican do that and it’s OPPRESSION, right Nikita, Shayna, Jenn? I’d REALLY like YOUR thoughts on this…

  6. A good question to put to any of these political hopefuls would be, “Can you give any example of where progressive socialism has been successful?”. And then hear them hem and haw about how that is not applicable in B/N.

  7. I am working furiously to sell all my properties in Bloomington.
    I am anxious to take the money and LEAVE!!
    Dems won’t get everything I worked so hard to earn!!

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