You can’t make this stuff up!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Let’s play a game!  Who can spot the fake news?


Anybody see a problem?





 Nothing was approved!

The agenda even states the presentation was to get direction from the Council:

What else does the Pantagraph publish they don’t think you are smart enough to know is WRONG?

If the Pantagraph doesn’t like being called Fake News, maybe they should quit proving they are!

What more proof – just hit play below:

5 thoughts on “You can’t make this stuff up!

  1. Not only is The Pantagraph article inaccurate regarding passage of the proposal but also who is being insured for water leaks. The utility (City) will be insured that the water used from the leak is paid for. The citizens will be insured for repair of line breakage if they opt in for that. The premium will be higher for those who do not opt out of the choice made by council.
    There will be an information session for citizens prior to voting. The notice for that session will be on the City Website and mailed as an insert to the water bill. What about the people who pay their water bill online? What if you don’t check the City website everyday? Will The Pantagraph report accurately?


  2. Must be one HE** of a toilet leak! What the heck they flushing down? Dead elephants??
    Out of the box thinking? More like OUT OF THE BRAIN!


  3. Usually, when you see the phrase “out of the box thinking”, mentally add “and closer to the gulag” to get the true picture.


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