Mikey’s day in court – Massachusetts

By:  Diane Benjamin

Summary of today’s proceedings:

The hearing lasted MANY hours.  Mikey’s mom, Amber Buck, decided not to testify.  The feeling from Michael Cadena’s side was she was afraid of facing cross-examination.  Michael’s lawyer had a lot of questions ready.

Mikey’s doctor, Garfinkle, was allowed to testify in general terms about her experiences with abused children.  Mikey is still not potty trained because he doesn’t want anybody touching his bottom, common in trauma patients.

One of Mikey’s teacher’s testified about an incident where Mikey inappropriately brought up violence.   She recommended he not be disciplined because of his past.

Michael Cadena was allowed to testify about abuse he witnessed, pictures of the abuse were not allowed.

While Michael was testifying Amber evidently was smirking at him.  He asked the judge to make her stop – the judge firmly told her to knock it off.

Amber’s attorney tried to say Michael was deemed an unfit parent.  He wasn’t.  Mikey was temporarily removed once because of a false accusation, the social worker responsible was disciplined because of it.

Michael was asked if he wanted Mikey to have a relationship with his mother.  He answered YES.

Testimony revealed that Dr. Garfinkle wanted to meet with Amber to discuss supervised visits and a slow transition.  Amber refused.

The judge made it clear that Mikey won’t be going anywhere until he rules.  He said that would be before September 10th.  The next hearing in Bloomington is scheduled for September 7th.  Even if Judge Hill issues a warrant for Michael’s arrest, Mikey won’t be affected.

Amber’s attorney had witnesses on the list to testify – none of them did.  I’m sure the judge found that interesting.  She had a chance to make her case and didn’t.

If and when I get a statement from Michael Cadena I will add it here.  This information was not from him.






6 thoughts on “Mikey’s day in court – Massachusetts

  1. Her attorney is just doing the job he was hired for. Be comforted by the fact he is charging her major $$$. Go Michael and Mikey!


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