Normal gets more bike lanes and more

By:  Diane Benjamin

Monday night agenda:

PDF page 61

bike lanes shelb

Part of Shelbourne already has bike lanes:

shel bike

Has anybody counted how many people use the current bike lanes?  The Town claims the residents have been notified and no complaints have been made about the on-street parking ban.

This one is fun!  The State of Illinois shows their ignorance of economics once again:

Il energy code

PDF page 65

I’m sure there is more to this story, but Normal has been enforcing the 2015 edition.  Instead of adopting the 2018 codes, the Town will simply not enforce any energy code.  If the State wants to enforce it, it will be up to them.

il eneg 2

Why would anyone invest in new construction in Illinois?  Does the Trail East Developer know?  The new rules apply to both residential and commercial buildings.  What are they?  I have no idea.  See this link:

Bills for approval:

Did you get your invitation to the Mayor’s Dinner?  That cost is only for the invitations!  Who is the plaque for Mayor?

The paper reported Koos’ trip to Hawaii was around $2700, no it wasn’t.  What did taxpayer’s get for $3,010?

Why do “planning sessions” have to be held at the Marriott?

bills 8-5a

Taxpayers are forced to subsidize Connect Transit via the Town of Normal, but Normal has no influence on operations – according to the City Manager.

Freedom Fund Banquet – see the website, it needs updated:

Would the CornBelters have any money without Normal?  I hear attendance at games is dismal.

bills 8-5b

Has anybody listened to a podcast?  This isn’t the first one.

Normal is big on photography – where are the photos?

bills 8-5c

10 thoughts on “Normal gets more bike lanes and more

  1. Mayors “banquest” What the heck? and $860 for invites?? This is STUPIDER then supporting the Cornbelters! I guess we should be HAPPY UPTOWN don’t have a water polo team as there’d be a bill for the snorkels for the horses!

  2. Restrictions, draconian “International” zoning, out of control taxation, rewards for the in-power “elites”, corruption, WAKE UP FOLKS!, this is what Marxist (Communist) dominated local government looks like. Just because the Koos and Renner are not tried confiscating your private homes or arranging Antifa hits on Conservatives (yet), doesn’t mean they are not ruthless, blood thirsty Radicals. Let the country drift a little more Leftward and a racist (truly racist), thug like Eric Holder come back into power as US Attorney General and stuff like I described could be coming to your town, soon.

    12 votes….elections have consequences.

  3. I would love to see if we’re collecting even enough from ticket taxes, food and beverage taxes, etc. to make it worth hosting their All-Star game. I just can’t see a ton of people coming from other towns to stay in hotels, eat in restaurants, fill up their gas tanks, etc. to make it worth a $25k sponsorship.

    If Normal wants the Corn Crib to be more successful, work on getting more country concerts there.

    1. Country Concerts…….Oh, I am sure Koos and Renner would say that is not the “right fit”. They would be much more supportive of Gansta Rap, for many reasons.

    2. How about Confederate Railroad? JB kicked off the state fair lineup. Maybe they’d come to Normal. Koos would love that one.

  4. They pay Irvin $300 for those stupid podcasts?? I have never heard of anyone listening to them. What a waste!

  5. time for a FOIA of the “guest list” for this dinner. If Tari was having a fundraiser dinner wouldnt it be illegal to use tax dollars for invites? if its just personal wouldnt it be illegal to use tax dollars for invites? If it was city business where is the minutes ? No minutes? No public notice? Violation of open meetings?

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