Flashback 2008 Bloomington – You have to see this

By:  Diane Benjamin

We know why Stan Nord is being attacked in Normal – anyone actually representing citizens always has been.

January 24, 2008

Pantagraph Headline:

Officials not allowing city workers to talk with council members


The first line:

stearns 1

Since I know you can read, click the link and see the rest for yourself.  

Former City Manager Tom Hamilton did this.  Funny how his evaluations in Executive Session are still a secret.  No one who supported his antics is still on the Council.  Why are they still a secret?







6 thoughts on “Flashback 2008 Bloomington – You have to see this

  1. ANOTHER interesting concept. I have spoken with Judy on several ocassions. She is an intelligent I.W.U. graduate. ARE there ANY others on the council? Yes, I know Tari “teaches” there, but as an old professor of mine USED to say “Those that KNOW go into the field, those that DON’T-teach!” With that said. Judy was probably NOT liked because she was “sharper” then the rest of the YEAS on the bench, and she looked after the VOTERS, and NOT the VOTES!
    Stan is the same mold, and so far, he’s not popular with the “Koosites” which is FINE by me! Maybe there’s HOPE for America YET!

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    1. Judy is intelligent . she wouldn’t be where she is today without smarts. She and Stan are two peas in a pod. Both are business owners who are sick and tired of the tyrants running the cities into the ground. they both have a bit of a stubborn streak in them as well. they want what is best for both cities but are fighting a tidal wave of nepotism,cronyism and complete lack of intelligence.

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  2. my husband knows Judy quite well. when she gets mad you do not want to be the target for her anger! now that she is no longer the pawn of Renner, or is it the whipping board, Judy is VERY verbal not only in public but in the audience of council meetings. you cannot muzzle the will of the people . you cannot BY LAW, muzzle ANYONE in the US . the British tried it and look where it got them! I assume the professor can read. he might want to take a look at the history books . Tyrants never succeed in anything for very long. The oppressed will not allow it. History has shown us what happens when the tyrants rule. Just take a look at the British and take a peak at what happened to Mussolini . It aint pretty folks.

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  3. Great point DJ, I STILL remember that GREAT photo on the front of the PAntagraph with Judy and Stockton, after they had some dispute ( I forget what, but Judy won) and old Steve looked really MIFFED!
    And no Dave, my computer slipped in spell check on me!


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