Update: Will anybody notice the local suicides?

Nobody asked any questions at the Justice Committee meeting!

By: Diane Benjamin

The County Justice Committee is meeting today. See the documentation here: https://mcleancountyil.gov/ArchiveCenter/ViewFile/Item/8339

The coroner’s report is included every month, year to date numbers aren’t. See PDF page 5 for August 2021 numbers.

I had to chart the suicides by looking at reports for every month, it doesn’t appear to me that “probable” ever make it to the first column. Kathy Yoder can verify if somebody asks. Add those to the Drug Overdoses and it’s too many people who should be here but no longer are.

Also in the report is a chart showing the number of cases from the State’s Attorney’s office: (PDF page 8)

No, there weren’t 389 mental health cases!

389 is the year to date total, September should be 45.

The committee was sent a correction.

(I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when I saw it 😁)

10 thoughts on “Update: Will anybody notice the local suicides?

  1. One “Suicide” we should all be on the lookout for is that of Dr. Pinocchio Fauci.
    I’m almost positive his PTSD will get the best of him and a new actor with better skills will take his place!
    Unfortunately the local, state and national suicide rates will continue to skyrocket!
    Just my 2 cents……….

  2. And what was the role of guns in this suicides? Are you laughing about the fact that guns play a very large part in suicides.

      1. It’s ALWAYS better to solve a problem by finding the cause of the problem first. Otherwise your solution will fail.

    1. A good friend’s 15 year old daughter walked in front of a train early last summer. Had NOTHING to do with guns. Thanks for downplaying her death.

      Guns aren’t needed to commit suicide, only the will to follow through. Stop using other people’s tragedy to further your political agenda.

      1. Are you some kind of ghoul? Wait, don’t answer that. I know you are. Using tragedy to push your political agenda is disgusting. Kindly EFF OFF and take a SHORTCUT off a high cliff.

    2. Being on prescription meds or having access to them also plays a large part in suicides, owning rope or having access to rope plays a large part in suicides, being addicted to opiods and having access to large quantities also plays a large part in suicides, being able to drive a car is also a factor in suicides, yes firearms are used in a great number of suicides but worldwide hanging is the number one chosen method of those who actually complete the act. Also, the USA is WAY down the line in suicide ranking worldwide and yet, we have all of these guns. – Diane is right, you aren’t intelligent enough to be here. Here’s the deal – if somebody is determined to kill themselves, they will find a way.

  3. “Using tragedy to push your political agenda is disgusting” – It’s what they do, they are relentless, it’s all day every day. It becomes VERY tiresome.

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