Water bills are for water? Not in Normal!

By: Diane Benjamin

Normally Chris Koos would have been banging Stan Nord out of order at the urging of Kevin McCarthy for doing what he did at Monday’s meeting. Koos didn’t Monday night.

First the back story:

At the previous meeting the Council (minus Stan) voted to spend $81,018 from the Water Enterprise Fund to add plow and salt equipment to Water Department vehicles.

Enterprise Funds were established to charge residents what the service they received actually costs. It also makes it really easy to raise rates by claiming the Fund doesn’t have enough money to provide those services.

Stan Nord objected to using Water Funds for a completely unrelated expense. Normal will be using employees paid from water funds to clean snow and spread salt with equipment bought with water department funds.

When the water department vehicles wear out faster because they are used for non-Water Department use, they will be replaced using money you supposedly pay for water. Keep this in mind when Normal wants to raise your water rates again.

Now for Monday night:

Nord played two short segments from a Council meeting in 2020 where both Chris Koos and Pam Reece said Enterprise Funds represent the actual cost of providing services and it is not good practice to mix funds. Kevin McCarthy can be heard calling a Point of Order, Koos didn’t react. At any other meeting Tyrant Koos would have cut Stan off. He was too intimidated by the happenings before Stan comments to object – until the end of the meeting. First watch Stan, then hear Koos’ comment to Stan. It’s hilarious.

9 thoughts on “Water bills are for water? Not in Normal!

  1. Koos: “How dare you use my words against me in public for all to hear and witness!” King Koos has no clothes!

  2. Hey Koos, you cherry pick everything you do and I would encourage you to quit being such an asshole in public. Do what you want at home my man but when in the public eye, well, yeah please remember that you work for us and we would appreciate it if you would check your big baby pissy attitude at the door and try real hard to act like a grown up.

  3. Normal uses Enterprise Funds as a gimmick to make it easier to extract more money from residents. They deceitfully advertise that the money will be used for one purpose, then without remorse use the money for others.

    People need to understand the only over site body to ensure government is honest falls upon the people they elect.

    The vote was 6-1 to use money taken for one reason then use it for something unrelated. All residents have been paying more for water than necessary because the people you elected blindly believe government staff instead of providing over site.

    I hope people are reminded of this consequence of elections every time they open their water bill.

    Stan Nord – Normal Council Member who believes the council role is to provide over site NOT to rubber stamp the Town Manager and Mayor’s spending sprees.

  4. I really do want to see that other annexation agreement and I want to know why they didn’t have to pay tap on fees? Friends of Koos and friends?

    Watching Normal Town Council meetings is like watching a train in which Koos is the engineer who knows there is a person tied to the tracks miles ahead and all the other Council Members are waiting passengers telling him to hurry up before the person escapes, causes a scene and delays their trip. The train (government) is running over the Community Members via Stan Nord, the only representative on that Council.

    Here is to hoping that train derails and takes the engineer and waiting passengers out.

  5. Has anyone in that group of socialists ever heard the word “no”, and have a working knowledge of how to use it? Town: “We will negotiate an annexation agreement.” Developer: “I’m not agreeing to pay tap-on fees for sewer or water.” Town: that’s not a problem”.

    The correct response to that statement from anyone on behalf of the taxpayers should be, “NO, we will never agree to that. If that’s a deal breaker, so be it.”

  6. Wonderful job, Stan, for playing back the Koos comments to make a very good point! I just can’t believe the majority of voters in Normal reelected the arrogant socialist Koos for mayor. I watched a video of the Cyber Ninjas explaining all of the ways voting machines can be hacked to change votes. There should be a full audit in Normal.

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