I TOLD You Normal:

By: Diane Benjamin

Proving yet again everything is Normal is fixed before Council meetings take place:

The Town is going to pass the budget and then raise Water Rates!

What is the Water Rate increase doesn’t pass? Won’t that affect the budget Normal?

It is guaranteed to pass, Koos and Reece counted noses and they have the votes.

I warned you numerous times a rate increase was next.

The Town thinks the 2% increase will raise $186,500: See PDF page 56 https://normal.org/ArchiveCenter/ViewFile/Item/4245

Add that to inflation already draining your bank account – Normal doesn’t care.

Koos and Reece don’t want you to think, but remember last October when the Council voted to buy snow plow equipment for water fund vehicles?

That was $81,018. Instead of spending general fund money on that equipment, they saw a pot of gold you paid to the water and took it. During the recent snows that equipment was used. Kevin McCarthy gloated over the staff’s brilliance and fore thought. What does plowing snow have to do with getting you good water? Aren’t you told that’s where your water bill payment go?

How much more money was taken from the water fund to pay employees to remove snow and spread salt? Both items are likely close to enough to erase the need to raise rates.

See why you aren’t suppose to remember?

Review this story as needed: https://blnnews.com/2021/10/06/water-bills-are-for-water-not-in-normal/

Funds were created to make it easy to raise fees. Normal proves it.





4 thoughts on “I TOLD You Normal:

  1. I seem to rember Normal (Koos) borrowing several million from the water department. It went to the general fund, and was spent. Wonder if it got paid back??


  2. Normal has a history of taking money for one reason then using it for another. I predict the dipshit council will rubber stamp Queen Pam and hike our water bill instead of calling out her repeated lies.

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