Normal Taxpayers: 1 Uptown Circle

By: Diane Benjamin

At the last Normal Town Council meeting the payment for rent of the 2nd floor of 1 Uptown Circle was much higher than usual. I FOIA’d the invoice. I bet you didn’t know you not only pay rent of over $36,000 a month, but you also pay building expenses. I have no idea when the $89,993.16 deposit was paid, that would take another FOIA. Keep in mind, this building would never have been built without Normal footing a lot of the bill. Meanwhile, the first floor has never been rented. The rent for the second floor also increases every year.

4 thoughts on “Normal Taxpayers: 1 Uptown Circle

  1. WHOW- what a sweet deal for Tarlton. I would think Koos gets nice presents from them. Sad for the taxpayers..

  2. Annual rent = $432,000 + $99,408 property expenses…$531,408 annual payment to the developer. Just imagine what money could be used for…pensions? debt? capital expenditures?

  3. As an aside, I wonder how many offers to occupy 1 Uptown Circle Koos’ minion have denied. Beggars can’t be choosers. These elites need to be realistic. A high-end restauranter will not ride in on a white horse. The market has spoken. No matter how much (taxpayer) money the Town spends and how many businesses and people they talk to, it doesn’t change the market forces in play.

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