In Normal Council votes are sacrosanct, until they aren’t

By: Diane Benjamin

Remember how Chris Koos frequently states payments can’t be discussed because they were all approved in the budget they spent ONE DAY discussing? He even changed the Agenda item from “approve” to “report to receive and file”.

I FOIA’d Normal for a list of all organizations their employees are members of. Normal knew Doug Damery was chair of the Illinois Park and Recreation:

Either Damery failed to tell the Town IPRA got a kickback from National Fitness Campaign or the Town knew and failed to tell the Council and you.

The Council passed it, staff cancelled it without authority. Chris Koos has made it clear Council votes are final, staff and Koos can’t declare a vote un-final because Normal supposedly lost a “grant”.

Can the budget be declared void too? Can parts of the budget be declared void because somebody found something better to fleece citizen with Chris?

The citizens of Normal should demand another vote. Normal claims to have taken NTC out of the budget but the amount hasn’t changed since the first draft! How do taxpayers know the fitness mat won’t suddenly appear?

Without a vote to rescind the January vote, they don’t.

I wonder who wishes this vote could be rescinded?


Tartan Realty has 1 apartment for rent at 1 Uptown Circle, only $2700 a month. They also have the entire first floor still empty. Just for fun, read this WGLT story from 2016 about Normal’s “contribution” to filling the hole:

For more fun, read this story: Preston and Lorenz voted for this:

Have you noticed construction in Uptown is government: Museum, City Hall/train station, 1 Uptown. The WGLT story mentions the Town only wanted to rent for 2-3 years until they could built across the tracks. The Town also wants a new library and police station across the tracks. Normal’s version of economic development!

Killing capitalism with government projects. Sounds familiar.







One thought on “In Normal Council votes are sacrosanct, until they aren’t

  1. I imagine that the fleecing of Normal will someday be in the news making that crooked lady in Dixon IL look like a kindergartner. With Koos, Reece, and Peterson at the top of the persons of interest list. With Madigan facing troubles it could happen.

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