More clips, One MUST SEE

By: Diane Benjamin

More videos from last night. Koos lost control early. The crowd did not respect his “business meeting”. Stan Nord made a motion to let them talk, Scott Preston seconded. Koos asked for head nods if the Council approves, I don’t see all the heads moving. Koos deemed it passed:

The video below is a MUST watch.

Koos was ready to move on when a guy jumped up to comment on the sewage in his house. He never gave his name, but he was awesome. Following him another person jumped to the mic to support that guy and the group. Stan Nord ends the video with touching comments, note Koos and McCarthy did not try to cut Stan off as they usually do. Koos knew he was defeated at this point.

Believe it or not some actual business happened last night. There is more MUST SEE video, I think I will save it for tomorrow!

I predict police will be at the next meeting and Koos will do his best Stalin impersonation. Tyrants don’t go away quietly.

4 thoughts on “More clips, One MUST SEE

  1. There is so much to comment on. Bravo (again) to Stan, the only adult on the council, for playing back the hypocritical criminal clowns’ own words with regard to the water fund and the associated illegal expenditure on (unbid, non-local-spend BTW) snow plow equipment…that has NOTHING to do with providing water. And kudos to Diane (again) for calling this out early on. On a different note, I’m happy to see the chickens coming home to roost with the town communists. Koos and his little cabal have been getting away with a lot for a long time; however, local politicians and town managers are LOCAL. Pritzker (more than likely) has been protecting them legally, so I wonder if he’ll go the full nine yards and send his private plane and security detail to whisk them off to his horse farm when the BLM torches and pitchforks come out? Wonder if Koos will again order LE to “stand down” so no one gets hurt? Doubt it. This is getting very interesting indeed.

  2. Just like Biden I believe if an election were hrld today Koos would lose. People have finally had a broad range of things occur that have affected them personally at the local level. They have finally decided to stand up and be heard. I hope they are back and continue to tell it as it is. BTW I would like to hear the royal fortress comments and beliefs on this made public so she can answer to her constituents.

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