Some local stats you need to see

By: Diane Benjamin All of the data below can be viewed on the McLean County Justice Committee reports from this page: Find the reports by Kathy Yoder. Data after June 2023 won’t be available until the September meeting. Compare these to the same time period last year: Details of suicides aren’t available. I’ve asked […]

Missing Data – McLean County Deaths

By: Diane Benjamin I am purposely refraining from using percentage increases in the data below. I believe that would distort the actual numbers. For example, I could tell you confirmed suicides increased 40% between 2019 and 2020. The actual number increase was 9, very tragic but 40% sounds far worse than 9. There are a […]

McLean County Justice Committee:

By: Diane Benjamin September numbers from Justice Committee packet for tomorrow, year to date numbers compiled by me: The County is going to sign an agreement with a collection agency to collect unpaid court fines. They might want to re-think how they abbreviate the company name: (anybody surprised they are an Illinois corporation?) (If […]

McLean County suicides update

By: Diane Benjamin The County Justice Committee is meeting tomorrow. Coroner Kathy Yoder has listed 3 more suicides for August 2020. PDF page 5 I asked Kathy for additional information including ages, she sent the following multi-year recap. The total to date in 2020 is only 3 less than 2019 with 4 more months […]