MORE: Rules for thee but not for me

By: Diane Benjamin

Documentation for Town of Normal meeting on 12/7/2020:

See a problem?

Hint: Chris Koos announced on 11/2 that violations of Pritzker’s Restore Illinois would be sent to the Health Department. It was on 11/6 when Pam Reece sent the police to Maggie Miley’s.

What violations?

Indoor dining!

The entire Council was not at this lunch meeting, that would have been a violation of the Open Meetings Act. Since they probably didn’t meet outside in the cold, they were most likely in City Hall eating at a conference table that hadn’t been sanitized the way a restaurant who doesn’t want their patrons getting sick would sanitize.

So, small businesses barely able to survive can’t have indoor dining or Normal will fine them but staff and a few choice members of the Council can dine inside City Hall.

Find me a better word than:


What is the difference between what they did and a restaurant social distancing diners? Food in restaurants isn’t free? How many ate and how far apart were they? Was everyone complying with Restore Illinois? Maybe a police report should be filed!

Also note, Staff has so much sympathy for someone they expressed it with tax dollars. Have you gotten your thank you card yet?

(Real sympathy is using your own money)






8 thoughts on “MORE: Rules for thee but not for me

  1. He we n is someone going to report that nursing homes and assisted living facilities are spreading Covid. Stop blaming bars and restaurants. Start asking Covid numbers at these places. Open up Teri and Chris.

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  2. Pam says indoor dining is “throwing caution to the winds” and sends the cops to break up those who dare. During that same time frame the council and Pam are using our tax dollars to set up indoor dining for themselves inside town property? They know how deadly indoor dining is…well they tell us it is anyway. If one of them comes down with covid, taxpayers will pay for the subsequent lawsuit. The staff who were there should be fired immediately for violating town health policy, during a health crisis no less. Each of them should also be sued for reckless endangerment.

    Since they are a bunch of elitist hypocrites, I expect nothing will happen.

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  3. Koos brags about how much he profits from the shutdown. He is out of touch with what it is like to struggle to pay bills when HE is keeping us from working. My friends who work in food service outside of town are still working so I don’t get why he is ruining life here.

    “The cycling world has certainly changed for Koos since the pandemic hit two months ago with sales up 71% and constant service requests. “I call bikes the new toilet paper.””

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  4. Some groups are having breakfast and/or lunch meetings via ZOOM. If that is the case, catered lunch is inappropriate. So many people who are allowed to continue to work, just don’t get it!

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