Oops did I say that?

By: Diane Benjamin

Yes you did Gayle Price!

This is what a public servant looks like for the City of Bloomington. Tracy Drive – take note. Don’t miss the snickers from some of the others.

Administrative Court – 12/9/2020.

11 thoughts on “Oops did I say that?

    1. Hi, I am Gayle’s daughter. If you think she should be fired how about you say that straight to her face! Thank you for your unnecessary input!


  1. If there’s anything good to come of these Zoom meetings, it’s that our public servants are finally on camera for everyone to see them. When this comes back to bite them, maybe that will speed up the lifting of this pandemic. They’re trying to keep the public at bay, but that’s backfiring on them.

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  2. It’s HARD to pick a winner. Bloomington or uptown as to WHICH town has the dumbest elected “officials” Makes me wonder WHICH home was SUPPOSED to burn. Sad that these folks are NOT smart enough to REMEMBER they are ON VIDEO!!

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  3. I lost my cousin and uncle fighting fires. To watch this is so insulting. Fire fighters lives are taken in fires. They die saving us and leave their family/children without a father or mother.

    My apologies to the Bloomington firefighters that have to work with any administrative member that finds this funny. Even if no harm is meant in a twisted mind there’s no room for laughing. It’s in very bad taste. Thank God no children died.

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