The fines for Bloomington’s Past Due reports

By:  Diane Benjamin

This is an update to yesterday’s story:

Bloomington has two reports that are now past due at the Comptroller’s office.  Last night a guy from that office called me after I requested information.

First, one of the reports is a TIF report.  If the City is trying to use the excuse “the State Police are still investigating”, therefore the reports can’t be released – they are either lying or the investigation is MUCH broader than has been reported.  The TIF has nothing to do with the Coliseum.

The Comptroller’s Office sends out letters on the 20th of every month to any agency that is past due.  If Bloomington hasn’t filed the two reports by January 20th, they will get a letter asking for an explanation.  Unless they have a legitimate reason for not filing, the fines will be retroactive.  They could still be fined for being past due even if they do file before the 20th.

The fines are:

  • First 15 days – $5 per day
  • Next 15 days – $10 per day
  • Next 15 days – $15 per day
  • all days after – $20 per day

Since Bloomington has two reports past due – double those numbers.

By the way, I hear David Hales is on vacation and won’t return until next week.

If the City of Bloomington incompetent or hiding something?






9 thoughts on “The fines for Bloomington’s Past Due reports

  1. Do you remember correcting “my” spelling? “If the City is trying to used the excuse”, “used” should be “use”. No charge.


  2. The city has an Assistant City Manager and a Director of Finance. Why can’t one of these people follow up on this issue? Or are they like the City Manager who can not make a decision without a consultant?

    An aside, but what does a “Director of Community Development” do?


    1. We can tell he collects a six-figure paycheck with good benefits. His last year’s compensation numbers from “Open the Books” $116,591. That’s a slight cut in pay after he left the Village of Downers Grove after hitting between $119k-$135k from 2008-2013; however, I’d venture it could be a little bit cheaper for him to live here versus up there.


    2. He is to implement the Comprehensive Plan by changing the zoning. He is in charge of rental inspection. He helped coordinate the gathering to prioritize downtown goals found in the Comprehensive Plan. Basically, he is to coordinate city “improvement.” Community Development used to be known as P.A.C.E.


  3. What really disgusts me is that an entry-level Police Officer makes less than some Adminstrative Assistants/Secretary’s/Communications . . .


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