Is past due now costing you?


By:  Diane Benjamin

The City of Bloomington is required to file the Annual Report and TIF reports with the Illinois Comptroller’s office.

See this message on the Comptroller’s website for Bloomington:     Source

delThe original due date was in October, the City filed for an extension until 12/26/2016.

They missed the deadline and are now subject to fines!

These are the same financial reports, including the Coliseum profit and loss, that David Hales hasn’t released.

Would you invest in a company that didn’t issue reports about their finances?

Would the CEO and staff of a company be able to make decisions with NO financial information?

Evidently the Council doesn’t need data to keep spending your money since not releasing information has never been mentioned during a Council meeting.

Of course, this data is getting close to a year old now.  More recent data isn’t available because the City is hiding tax receipts thanks to Alderman Diana Hauman.  See her email here:

Haum1Shortly after this email the City Manager’s report including the recap of tax receipts to date ended.  The information now reported is vague and useless.  Thanks Diana!

Obviously Mayor Tari Transparency Renner really isn’t so transparent.  Alderman Diana Hauman isn’t either.

Now it’s costing you money!

(When I find out how much money, this story will be updated!)

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