Bloomington 12/14/2020

By: Diane Benjamin

Before Covid restrictions put more businesses with video gaming out of business, the City is taking action. Not to help them stay in business, the Clerk will now allow other businesses to get on a wait list for new licenses. I found it hilarious that previously they thought this was too difficult. Now it isn’t. Remember, the City capped licenses at 60. Obviously that protects those that already have licenses since free markets would allow as many as people want.

Is the City predicting many more license holders are or will be out of business soon? The Clerk did mention one license has already been given to a new business. If Liquor Commissioner Renner keeps playing tyrant without any proof Covid is spread at establishments with a Liquor License more will be out of business. I wonder if he has friends waiting for licenses to become available? Tari?

The Welcoming America initiative brought by Donna Boelen discussion starts at 46:45. Even though Renner warned the council this discussion was only on this proposal, Carrillo couldn’t help herself from declaring this is not what she wants. She wants a Welcoming Ordinance that eliminates law enforcement with regards to any immigration issues. Jeff Crabill wanted to amend the initiative for the same reasons. Welcoming America passed 7-2, the two mentioned voted against it. They are free to do their own initiative but it would likely fail. Depending on how the next election turns out, it could come back next year. Alderman Ward sounded like she was siding with Carrillo and Crabill, but she voted yes to move it forward.

Fun erupted at 1:12:00 when Carrillo veered into accusations the initiative is only to circumvent the ordinance she wants. Alderman Bray called a point of order because Carrillo’s tone was accusatory. Bray called another point of order when Carrillo implied lots of people want the Welcoming Ordinance. Many more people want the roads fixed Jenn, that isn’t happening either. You can’t always get what you want!

Jenn must not have been listening earlier when it was stated Welcoming America does not mean a Welcoming Ordinance is dead.

Zoom meetings are fun, watch Carrillo snickering at comments by Joni Painter around 1:25:15. Painter stated Bloomington would have a Welcoming Ordinance now if the same one had been presented as the one Normal passed. I haven’t looked at what Normal passed, so I don’t know what the differences are.

Taxpayers should be thrilled to know the Coliseum now only houses the Farmer’s Market and some City offices. This building is nowhere near paid off and everybody is paying higher sales taxes because if it. Of course the Council and mayor that passed building it didn’t believe in Limited Government, but they did believe the consultant who claimed it would never cost taxpayers a cent. Voting April 6th?

Tari Renner’s closing comments start at 1:42:15. He claimed he was cleared by the Health Department on Monday. He didn’t explain how that happened. Did he get a rapid test? Was he tested last week, just a few days after being confirmed positive? He did admit to being at the gym yesterday, but he was wearing a mask. If you don’t want to be called a hypocrite start following the science Tari. Pritzker’s science proves Covid isn’t spread in bars and restaurants, shopping with symptoms could have. You were spotting getting groceries, maybe masks don’t really work? You mentioned your son had it, did he give it to you? The science does say families and friend get-togethers are spreader events. I wonder if Tari noticed he was still coughing during the meeting?

Alderman Mathy wants people to enjoy the holidays with family and friends – 1:49:15. Is that okay with Pritzker Jamie? He also claimed people should be listening to the professionals instead of social media. He actually thinks they know what they are talking about. Remember don’t wear a mask, then everybody should wear one? Should we go along with the ones trying to destroy freedom too Jamie?

The comments descended into stupidly from there. Watch is you want to be entertained. Carrillo followed by Tari prove they have no idea what the Reason for the Season really is.

11 thoughts on “Bloomington 12/14/2020

  1. I watched the meeting last night from beginning to end. A few takeaways:

    1. With all the profound and worrying things happening in the world right now…positively NOTHING was discussed about improving the well-being of the people who currently reside and work in Bloomington. Nothing.
    2. Most of the council members are cowards (well-meaning, perhaps, but cowards nonetheless); Carrillo and Crabill are idiotic self-centered child-bullies with obvious mental issues; Mathy is just a clueless wannabe dolt.
    3. Tari Renner is disingenuous drunk.

    The upcoming election in April should prove very interesting given everything that’s about to happen!

  2. Jenn the whiner and Tari the “rules don’t apply to me mayor” What a WONDERFUL batch of elected IDIOTS we have NOT running things!
    STREETS, Infrastructure, Taxes, Debt and they discuss a welcoming ordinance?? Talk about an AVOIDANCE COMPLEX!

    1. When only a few hundred votes are required to get elected to these positions this is what you get. Most people with a brain see this poor theatre and elect not to run because they do not want to be associated with it by becoming a council member or mayor. Just look who sits in each chair and ask yourself if you are willing to pull your hair out trying to reason with any of these people soon to consist of more of the same type come April. This all started with fools like Markowitz and Hamilton who decided to open our doors to any vagrant, radical, anti- white racist or sex confused knucklehead who had no where else to go by actively encouraging BN as a place to land. No education, talent, job or common sense was required. Flint, Michigan and San Francisco is at your doorstep. Congratulations on your demise.

      1. Sad but true. Most sane, rational people that go to work, pay taxes, and obey the rule of law won’t consider running. Because who wants to deal with the dysfunctional mayor, city government, and local cabal that pull the strings behind the scene? Think the average John and Jane want to put themselves and their family through the ordeal? Being called a racist by the SJWs, answering Karens on Facebook, and getting stymied by the elitist clique for daring to question anything with a degree of common sense.

  3. Well said James Madison.

    By the way, what ever happened to the quarterly financial report they used to release on the Coliseum/Arena?

  4. Why should our taxes go to dealing with immigration issues? Immigration is a federal issue, not a state and local police issue. No one is an illegal immigrant of Illinois, they are illegal immigrants of the United States. By having local police deal with that issue we as taxpayers have to pay for federal and local forces do it. You already know what local police are going to say if they have to enforce immigration law. They are going to ask for more money (our taxes) to hire more people, to do a job that is not under their jurisdiction.

    1. John, As you know prior to Trump the federal government was transporting bus loads of immigrants to off border cities to take care of. I expect we’ll be returning to that practice soon.

  5. Democrats intend to provide may perks for new immigrants along with unrestricted access to our country. I would assume, given their recent outrage at our new border walls, those walls will be coming down.

    What could be the unintended and unplanned for consequences of a Welcoming City? Rather than go into detail, Google Portland Oregon, welcoming and homeless. You will find that the local government considers forcing residents to provide “resting places” for homeless on their private property. Look at Welcoming LA or California in general and consider that in those places people are leaving in droves. Obviously they did not consider all the consequences.
    Is Bloomington/Normal considering all the possible consequences? It’s best to do it now rather than later.

    1. As a side note and related to Welcoming Cities –
      Portland bans police from working with federal law enforcement
      Officers who violate the policy may be subject to discipline

      Sounds familiar

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