You can’t handle the truth!

By: Diane Benjamin

The best line in a really good movie. It applies here.


I’ve added some email comments from parents to this story:

The stories are heartbreaking and the actions of school boards, superintendents, teacher’s unions, Pritzker or whoever else is keeping kids from being in school should be considered criminal. They only get to be a kid once and how they are being treated will follow them forever.

Rich kids are fine, kids without a family member who can help them are falling farther and farther behind. The school system is creating adults that will permanently fail. Is that the goal? It sure isn’t stopping people from dying when the survival rate is over 99%.

Update to this story:

Chris Koos read a prepared statement at the 11/2 Council meeting stating complaints would be forwarded to the McLean County Health Department for violations of Pritzker’s orders.

I FOIA’d the complaints Normal has actually forwarded to the Health Department in the last 60 days. It is exactly:


Normal claimed to have received a social distancing complaint about Joe’s Stationhouse Pizzaeria on 11/6. It wasn’t sent to the Health department until 11/13. This was such an extreme violation they held it for seven days.

Maggie Miley’s was never sent to the Health Department. Neither were Jack’s or the Coffeehouse Pam Reece mentioned in her email to the police:

Normal doesn’t have a plan and neither does Pritzker. Chris Koos’ utterings on how violations would be handled were just that – utterings.

Today I received a report from a lady who attended the Humane Society Bake Sale at Ace Hardware in Normal. She say an officer was INSIDE the store with a citation book. She didn’t get a picture because the business was crowded.

FOLKS: GET pictures!

Is Normal writing tickets now for not social distancing? No face masks? Too many people in an establishment?

I didn’t see police in any big box stores today, are they exempt? COVID doesn’t exist there?

What are the rules Mr. Mayor and why should we follow illegal authoritarian nonsense that is gut-punching small businesses (except yours) and destroying our kids? History will write that COVID was used for the largest transfer of wealth in history. The rich are getting richer, quit buying from places like Amazon! The backbone of our economy, small businesses, may be nonexistent very soon.

I wonder how the Normal Police feel about being used to harass citizens. Is that what they signed up for?

4 thoughts on “You can’t handle the truth!

  1. I’m more and more convinced that this whole Covid reaction boils down to an intense desire (maybe even on a subconscious level) to CONTROL. Combine that with a reason to be cautious and you end up with overbearing, self righteousness, wild eyed fanatics. Sacrificing things like our children’s education, heath and wellbeing, our economy and people’s livelihood’s are well worth ignoring for this cause.

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  2. This WHOLE covid BS has piqued my interest in history and the CURRENT system (such that it is) . Pritzker RAN as Gov on treating veterans better, yet 50+ have died in a LaSalle home.
    Of the deaths in B/N over half have been people in nursing homes or other “confined” places!
    IF you LOOK at the “covid numbers” for the day, there’s a disclaimer that the cases are proven/PROBABLE!
    Most of the people who die of it have advanced age or pre-existing conditions!
    In the 1918 INFLUENZA epidemic, the small mountain town of Silverton, Colorado lost over 200 people in one WEEK!! We have nowhere NEAR approached those kind of numbers, furthermore MANY of the people during that time that “assisted” others by caring, getting food, medicine, etc, that survived, DID NOT WEAR a mask!!
    5 of the worst states (in deaths) are LED? by DEMOCRAT Governors!
    And yet the media BEATS the drum EVERY night, and scares hell out of chicken little types! Guess they’re OVER Trump..

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