Is Tari declaring himself KING?

By:  Diane Benjamin

The Liquor Commission under Steve Stockton had 5 members.  Under Tari Renner it only has three people, including himself.  Tari controls the commission with one compliant person on the board who agrees with anything Tari wants.

Rumors abound that Tari is going to BE the Liquor Commission from now on, nobody else will serve.  Maybe he’s going to charge (for himself) businesses wanting a liquor license.  Maybe he wants to re-write the rules himself.  Maybe he just likes citizens groveling at his feet.  Who knows?

The Council would still vote on liquor licenses, but the majority of them are also compliant.

It appears it’s perfectly legal for it to just be him.  Ethical?  Transparent?  Best Practice?  The City Code may need to be modified however.

Notice anything funny about this pic I posted Sunday from Tari’s calendar?

6-20aBesides buying lunch for citizens, look right above it.  Jim Jordan is one of the three members of the Liquor Commission.  That one hour call is yet another Open Meetings Act violation.  With only three on the commission, two aren’t allowed to meet secretly.  The point of OMA is to insure public business is conducted openly – in front of the people paying the bills!

This isn’t the only violation.  On June 21, 2016, Tari held a Special Liquor Commission meeting with him being the only Commission member present.  The others may not have been notified a meeting was being held.  See the minutes here:  Two members were required for a quorum, therefore it was an illegal meeting that should void whatever action was taken.

Even those two aren’t the only violations.  Numerous other violations have been filed with the Attorney General – none were filed by me.

See the end of my previous story for an explanation of a public servant:

Tari Renner doesn’t qualify.  Laws don’t matter to him.  Transparency doesn’t matter to him unless it’s just enough to win awards.  Power and control are essential.  No wonder the job wears him out, “Deceiving to Achieve” is exhausting.  (I stole that from a reader)

The mayoral election is coming.

How will the Pantagraph spin this?  I wonder if they have their talking points yet?






5 thoughts on “Is Tari declaring himself KING?

  1. Just to chime in, the fact that Renner and Jordan met or spoke is not a per se violation. The problem is that there has to be proof that they spoke about substantive Commission business, not “other things” (like Bill Clinton and the AG meeting on the plane). We all are smart enough to figure out what happened, it’s proving it that’s a bitch.(I put in for the Police Commission opening. Haven’t heard a word. Am I surprised?)Lane

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