Matt Sorensen: He knew

By:  Diane Benjamin

Last November a vote by the County Board resulted in a property tax increase when a vote to dip into LARGE reserves was defeated.  Matt Sorensen voted NO to break a tie:

The financial statements as of 12/31/2015 have been issued (CAFR).  I’ve barely begun reviewing the 221 pages, but this paragraph jumped out:


Now you can see why some County Board members wanted to use reserves instead of raising taxes!

34% of the General Fund in Reserves!

Let’s review which Board members thought they had more of a right to your money than you do: (from the link above)


Since the vote to use reserves failed, property tax rates were increased to balance the budget.

So, what did Sorensen know when he essentially voted to raise taxes – followed shortly thereafter by both Bloomington and Normal raising Sales Tax?

See this link:–15-cr-00486/USA_v._Arora_et_al/

This is the public record of the case against him.  See this entry from almost a year ago:

sorSorensen obviously knew he was under investigation a year ago.  He probably knew MUCH earlier than that.  The case only became public when his co-defendant re-entered the country and was arrested at the airport.

Sorensen is a Republican who claimed to be conservative.  When he knew his legal problems were pending, suddenly the County raised taxes and Bloomington/Normal both raised the Sales Tax 1% when the County only wanted 1/4%.  Meanwhile Tari Renner is lunching with the County Administrator.  I haven’t tracked Chris Koos.

Anybody see a setup?

Sorensen has until 8/30/2016 to plea or set a trial date.

So I am clear on what I expect from public officials, this week the Chicago Tribune provided the perfect example.  The College of Dupage has been under investigation by Watchdogs, and now law enforcement, for more than a year.  The former President treated himself to a lot of perks and tried to get paid over $760,000 to leave.  He didn’t get it because a new board stopped the golden parachute.  A new President started work July 1st.  An interview with her contained the following:

“Accountability is liberating. It’s an opportunity. It’s not a threat,” she said during a meeting with the Tribune Editorial Board.

An Illinois higher ed administrator comfortable with heavy board oversight and a contract with no bells and whistles? We nearly fell off our chairs.

The new President, Ann Rondeau, is a true public servant. We need more like her.

Read the whole story here, lots more details are included:





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