Prediction: David Hales

By:  Diane Benjamin

David Hales began as City Manager in January of 2009.  In January of 2017 he will be vested in his pension.  Yep, 8 years is all it takes.

I predict he will take the money and run!

The City of Bloomington was failing when he got here and it’s headed downhill now.  Why stay to steer while the ship sinks?

The real question is:

Will the Council force through a replacement before the election in April, or will they trust Hales’ immense staff to cover for a few months?

Here’s one good thing:   (received in 2015 by FOIA)





  1. I thought Hales’ renewed contract is for ony 2 more years so he will be leaving soon anyway. I’m guessing that is why the manager’s report is not being produced. Hmmm. New Mayor, new manager, different council members. What would become if the city then?


    • Wasn’t it renewed to July 2017? Tax receipts are still hidden, why would citizens need to know how their city is doing?


      • It is Hales’ job to manage the cities finances, including making the receipts/reports available. He is probably spending his time looking for a new job instead of being concerned with operations here. His contract keeps him “safe” from reprimand but he is a “short-timer.”


      • I figure he is in his late 50’s. He might be retiring. Isn’t that what government employees do? Retire earlier that everybody else?


  2. Who will be front ‘n center at the upcoming Steve Miller Band concert saying, “Dude this is my JAM!”



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